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Hearts of Iron IV: Additional Portraits
Download this Additional Portraits mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Additional Portraits to the Game.

Authors description: Additional Portraits

What does is do?
Adds a few portraits and commanders.
So far the mod includes the following portraits:

Bernard Paget(UK)
Edmond Schreiber(UK)
Frederick Browning(UK)
Herbert Lumsden(UK)
John Crocker(UK)
Kenneth Anderson(UK)
Richard McCreery(UK)
Ronald Scobie(UK)
John Dill(UK)
Edmund Ironside(UK)
Max Horton(UK)
Percy Noble(UK)
Tom Phillips(UK)
Arthur Palliser(UK)
Dudley Pound(UK)
Louis Mountbatten(UK)
Percy Hobart(UK)

Andrew McNaughton(CAN)
Guy Simonds(CAN)
Harry Crerar(CAN)
Thomas Victor Anderson(CAN)

Gaston Billotte(FRA)
René Olry(FRA)
Georges Blanchard(FRA)
René Prioux(FRA)
Paul Gentilhomme(FRA)
Charles-Marie Condé(FRA)
Marie-Pierre Koenig(FRA)
Charles de Gaulle(FRA)
Felix Eboué(FRA)
Robert-Auguste Touchon(FRA)
Émile Laure(FRA)
André Corap(FRA)
Emile Muselier(FRA)
Aimé Doumenc(FRA)

Eduard Dietl(GER)
Wilhelm Keitel(GER)
Hermann Balck(GER)
Walter Weiss(GER)
Werner Kempf(GER)
Walter von Brauchitsch(GER)
Nikolaus von Falkenhorst(GER)

Eduard Barger(AUS)
Siegmund Knaus(AUS)
Karl Eglseer(AUS/GER)
Sigismund Schilhawsky(AUS)
Alois Schönburg-Hartenstein(AUS)
Franz Böhme(AUS/GER)
Alfred Jansa(AUS)

Jakob Harberts(HOL)
Jan van Andel(HOL)
Hubert von Frijtag Drabbe(HOL)

Carl Gustav Fleischer(NOR)
Otto Ruge(NOR)

Vittorio Ambrosio(ITA)
Ettore Bastico(ITA)

Folke Bernadotte(SWE)

Georgi Nikolov Popov(BUL)

Charles Lockwood(USA)

This mod changes the history-files of several nations and will not be compatible with other mods that changes the same files.

This mod also modifies the Anschluss event and issues may appear in relation to other mods that does the same. Please let me know if this needs to change…

This mod is NOT achievement-compatible

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