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Hearts of Iron IV: Formable Nations (3rewster)
Download this Formable Nations (3rewster) mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

14 Dec 2021

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This mod adds Formable Nations (3rewster) to the Game.

Authors description: Formable Nations (3rewster)

Read this or be ignoredI don’t own this mod, so the only thing I will do is try to keep it working. I won’t alter it beyond that. I’m keeping it original for posterity’s sake.
First of all – I do not own this mod, nor do I claim to have created it. I went investigating the original author and found their Gitlab. Hope all is well with them. I will link the Gitlab below, above the original description.

Second of all – I am reuploading this for convenience sake, I don’t ask for anything. The original mod from January seemed buggy, I have tested this version (direct from their Gitlab) and all works on my end. I’m just here to play a game and have fun, nothing more. Enjoy guys.

I do not plan to update this. The last known edit to Gitlab shows 1.10 compatibility.


1.8: Mare Nostrum
Instead of having an inconsistent way of forming nations by events, this mod uses decisions which let the player know the prerequisites for forming each nation. This mod creates an end-game reward for gaining certain territories and allows the player to choose when to form the new nation. Note that this modโ€™s formable nations work independently from Waking the Tigerโ€™s.


Be the required country
Control all required states
Be independent
Getting a core in all uncored states required to form the nation + some extra ones.
A brand new name, flag and map color.
+20% Stability.


Will this mod work with other mods?
It will work as long as they donโ€™t modify states.

Will you make a port of this mod for [InsertTotalConversionMod]?
It would require a lot of work to make keep up with unexpected updates of the other mod.

Does this mod disable achievements?
Yes, the mod disables achievements because it modifies the checksum.

Does this mod conflict with the dlc formables?
No, this modโ€™s nations are separate although some flags/names might be similar.

Is there a list of all formable nations?
Thereโ€™s a pastebin link here[]. Theres an even better one with pictures (WIP courtesy of Crimsonleaf42)[]

Do you have a Discord server?Yes, we have a discord server for suggestions, issues and questions.

Special Thanks
Abbus for allowing the merge of a flag side mod into this one.

**** All credit goes to 3rewster ****
**** 3rewster, feel free to contact me if necessary ****

FAQ 2.0

Why’d the mod get deleted?
I don’t know, the user who uploaded it was deleted from steam, probably by default all their items were subsequently deleted as well.

Why was the author deleted off of steam?
I don’t know.

I can’t form Greater Yugoslavia!
Yugoslavia IS Greater Yugoslavia, in the games terms. If Yugoslavia no longer exists (ie if Serbia owns all of Yugoslavia), then Greater Yugoslavia can form. This is how the mod always originally worked, I didn’t change anything. This makes it so IF Yugoslavia already exists, no one else can form it. Like, if Poland wanted to try and form it, they couldn’t. Yugoslavia has to die in order for Greater Yugoslavia to form. Secondly, Greater Yugoslavia seems to just be there to act like original Yugoslavia if Yugoslavia is broken apart (same flag, name is Yugoslavia)

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