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Hearts of Iron IV: Kaiserreich
Download this Kaiserreich mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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This mod adds Kaiserreich to the Game.

Authors description: Kaiserreich

The Kaiserreich 4 Team are proud to present the most popular alternate history mod for Hearts of Iron II, Darkest Hour and Hearts of Iron IV! Originally conceived by Sarmatia in 2005, Kaiserreich has since developed into one of the most in-depth alternate history mods, with thousands of unique events, graphics, countries and even mechanics! Rewrite history (again), but this time in Hearts of Iron IV!

  • An immersive alternative history scenario
  • A completely new political system including party popularity and ministers
  • A reworked map with new states and provinces
  • Ten different ideologies
  • Tens of thousands of new events that offer a wide range of different possibilities
  • Hundreds of decisions both generic and nation specific
  • Over 100 focus trees including dynamic focus trees that change during the game
  • Coloured portraits for every country leader and military leader
  • Hundreds of companies and ministers for all countries
  • Custom UI giving more options and more information
  • Thousands of handmade GFX for ideas, focuses and more
  • Dozens of 3D models
  • A fully reworked naval technology tree


  • Even more events and decisions
  • Focus trees for every country
  • Overhauled technology tree
  • Unique 3D unit models for every country

Kaiserreich for Hearts of Iron IV is still in Alpha so there will be bugs, please report any you find here:

Please don’t report them anywhere else, it makes our lives much easier when all bug reports are in one place. Make sure to give as much detail as possible and to double check no-one has reported your issue already.


Kaiserreich Changelog


Notable Additions

  • A lot of work has been done on various parts of the AI, including the combat defines, operation targets, agency upgrades, tech selection, and further tweaks to the production AI (specifically with regards to aircraft production and over-use of armored cars for suppression).
  • Manpower and equipment values for battalions have been reverted to vanilla values, and as such are no longer inflated by 50%.
  • A new mechanic for military cooperation has been implemented for the Reichspakt’s Eastern Europe puppets, in which they can pool their resources together for distributing equipment and making common defenses.
  • The new Indian tags have been imported from the (currently frozen) India Rework, allowing annexation decisions for India without needing to conquer the entire subcontinent first.
  • The Fading Sun has been redone to use normal peace conference mechanics.
  • The Second American Civil War when MacArthur is in power has been reworked to try and balance the war better, as well as speed it up so the victor can influence the Weltkrieg (see Minor Monday 44).

Expanded Focus Trees

  • Empire of Japan

New Events

  • United States of America
  • Empire of Japan
  • Eastern Europe (shared)
  • Fengtian Government
  • League of Eight Provinces

New Decisions

  • United States of America
  • Empire of Japan
  • Eastern Europe (shared)
  • Transamur
  • Fengtian Government

New Custom Country Paths

  • Added custom difficulty settings for most major conflicts and alliances
  • GRE – can now have the outcome of the Monarchy Referendum chosen
  • FNG – country path to either disable unification conference from being held, or make AI FNG agree to demands more (thus increasing odds of success).


  • New flag for the Union of Britain
  • GBP’s republican flag is used when democratic and new flag for PatAut England
  • New Ideology icons for all ideologies
  • Redid a lot of flags for the West African countries. The socialists now all use a variant of the Negritude colors (black, red and blue)
  • New focus and national spirit icons for Belgium, France, Hawaii, Ireland, the Netherlands, Hunan, Yunnan, the Qing Empire, the Fengtian Government, and the USA
  • New portraits for:
  • Britain: Eric Dorman-Smith
  • France: Marcel Cachin, Nestor Makhno, Henri Frenay
  • Hungary: Kocsárd Janky de Bulcs, Hugó Sónyi, Vilmos Nagy de Nagybaczon, Béla Miklós de Dálnok, Dezső László, Gusztáv Jány, Lajos Veress de Dálnok, Gusztáv Denk de Kistorony, Döme Sztójay, Szilárd Bakay, Károly Bartha de Dálnokfalva
  • Illyria: Slavko Kvaternik, Eduard Bunić de Bona, Fedor Dragojlov, Matija Čanić, Mihajlo Lukić, Vladimir Laxa
  • Ireland: Richard Mulcahy
  • Kumul: Yulbars Khan
  • Pacific states of America: Hiram Johnson
  • Scotland: Arthur Donaldson, James Maxton
  • Sengal: Blaise Diagne
  • Siam: Sukhumapinan Paribatra
  • United States of America: John Nance Garner.

Music Mod

  • Two new songs for Poland.


  • A new state category with 11 slots has been added – Sprawling Metropolis.
  • Pennsylvania has been split into Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
  • Upstate New York has been split into Buffalo and Albany.
  • Delaware has been merged into Maryland.
  • Added Teschen/Cieszyn and Trieste as new Danubian states.
  • Merged the South Chad and Chad states.
  • Rebalanced the French build slots.
  • Freetown is now in the correct position.
  • Rio de Oro and Northern Finland are now impassable.
  • Slightly increased Ireland’s starting population.
  • Removed multiple impassable areas due to consistent AI problems.
  • Moved Presov to the correct province.
  • Changed Colours for Mali and Senegal to a darker white and blue respectively.
  • The provinces around Nancy have been redrawn for less easy encirclements.
  • Nancy now starts the game owned by France.


  • Ireland now has a unique Irish VO, so units no longer speak British English
  • Fengtian’s Unification Conference with the Federalists, if successful, now causes Zhang Xueliang to become the HoS while Chen Jiongming becomes the HoG after federalizing the provinces.
  • Added several new tooltips for KTG and NMB to make the focus trees easier to follow.
  • Enabled LIB to go down another pass if the USA loses the civil war
  • Centralizing the provinces instead of federalizing them after agreeing to do so will cause the Federalists to now go to war with Fengtian.
  • Southern Rhodesia now has unique companies.
  • Zhang Zuolin’s prior refusal to denounce the concessions is now represented during the unification conference.
  • Hungary and Illyria’s generals have been completely revamped with new skills, traits, and biographies.
  • HEJ now gets the Hashemite Arabia cosmetic tag once they start to unite Arabia.
  • Allies with Germany-in-Exile now must give land in Germany to them in the annexation decision.
  • Canada now has access to the Iceland decisions to build up Iceland’s port and airport level once Iceland is in the Entente.
  • NatPop Italy and Two Sicilies can now call for each other’s help when SRI starts to win against them.
  • Germany now surrenders Ceylon and the Maldives to Japan if/when the GEA peace deal fires.
  • Japan should now build more units.
  • Nerfed FRA’s starting army by 250K troops.
  • SOV’s admirals are now exiled in Britain.
  • Japan now has a larger build slot count, but must solve the land reform to access them.
  • Added some PP boni to SOV.
  • Restored Wadai’s full, unlimited wrath.
  • Japan’s allies can now refuse to cede dockyards.
  • Restoring cores on the US states now uses compliance and resistance mechanics.
  • If an Entente country releases Belgium, it is automatically independent
  • Yankee Revolt for Canada now uses a state modifier with an icon.
  • The Princely Federation is no longer eligible to attend Japan’s Tokyo Conference right off the bat. PRF’s participation in the Co-Operation Sphere now relies solely on Japan’s “Mission to India” focus.
  • Added a decision for Indian countries to attack one of the others if a war between them has started before they can use their war focuses.
  • Bikaner Camel Corps now actually consists of camels.
  • Ported over the vanilla sharks to the Pacific.
  • Germany may now choose to intervene in the regular Italy/Austria peace event in the same manner it intervenes in the Belgrade Pact/Austria peace event, no longer making a solo war the superior choice for Italy.
  • Air designers now give bonuses to jet aircraft.
  • Removed the Tuareg and Quechua tags. Peru’s Quechua revolt is now a dynamic tag.
  • GEA will now keep its units in East Asia.
  • Sweden now loses the Union Activity idea if they go socialist.
  • Poland now keeps Cieszyn when releasing Bohemia.
  • Ireland no longer starts with heavy tanks.
  • The PSA’s tag is now “PSA”.
  • Britain no longer starts on partial mobilisation.
  • The CSA no longer has a 10% core defence bonus.
  • MacArthur is no longer cheating the unit limits.
  • POL now loses Monarchist Sympathies when puppeted.
  • GER can no longer take the Caucasus Oil route if Azerbaijan is dead.
  • Fixed Germany not releasing Siberia or DKB properly.
  • The R-KMT now moves its capital to Beijing upon forming the Republic
  • Guam is now a USA core.
  • PLC can now try to recover the entire Commonwealth, not just land from Austria and Russia.
  • R-KMT Yunnan and Long Yun take half the time to go through any focus that starts a war now.
  • The capture of Libreville will now ensure Gabon’s capitulation.
  • Reduced focus times for the Dominion of India and Princely Federation fortification focuses.
  • Rio de Oro now has its own annexation decision.
  • Added parties and leaders to Algeria, Tunisia and Senegal.
  • Added descriptions for all National France admirals and generals
  • National France now starts with an intelligence agency.
  • Natal’s militias are now unlocked after the Boer War.
  • TUR now has default ministers.
  • Pelley will now always refuse Quid Pro Quo (a player can still accept it).
  • POL now starts with mountaineers.
  • No more coalition for 1948-1952 US Democrats.
  • Butler’s Coup can no longer fire if he’s dead.
  • Fixed Bulgaria keeping the German support idea after the Balkan War.
  • Removed various double-firing events.
  • Austria will now prioritise the Decentralised Scheme while at peace.
  • The Haitian/Dominican rebellions are now integrated into the annexation system.
  • NatPop SQI will now wait for the QIE coup chain to be resolved before attacking LEP.
  • The GER AI will no longer research naval/air doctrines while it still has the Victors of WW1 idea.
  • Added a timer to the Moyne Report’s release.
  • Japan now has bicycles.
  • The Code of the Indigenate is now removed after the Algiers Conference for National France.
  • Special event for Japan’s event to send volunteers to Insulindia if they actually sent volunteers already.
  • The Social Liberal and Social Democrat parties in Chen’s Liangguang are now in a coalition if Chen keeps power.
  • Japan no longer keeps southern Manchuria when releasing MAN.
  • Nerfed Goring’s HOG trait.
  • Player Serbia or Romania can now decide they want to keep the Belgrade Pact even after the war with Austria, which AI will honor as long as Romania doesn’t claim Serbian territory.
  • Rewrote two of Mexico’s foci to be ideologically neutral.
  • Egypt’s German focus now bypasses if unavailable.
  • Uruguay can now call for Brazilian aid against Argentina if attacked.
  • Added a French rename for Rio de Oro.
  • Socialist HOL can now release Insulindia.
  • ROM and GRE can now continue the Balkan War independently
  • Sweden should attack its neighbors less frequently.
  • Germany can now build in MAF and GEA.
  • Scotland and Wales now have more appropriate minister lists.
  • Yunnan’s AI has been tweaked to care slightly more for useful things like factories and research slots in their focus tree.
  • Added new ideas and buffs to the QIE Zhili and Manchu trees that greatly increase the economic and military abilities of the tag.
  • Added new companies to QIE similar to GEA and LEP.
  • Added new horse/armor divisions to SQI/CHI/LEP/ANQ to help the League War end quicker.
  • Added a new idea to SQI/ANQ/CHI that gives buffs against LEP for the first 6 months of the war.
  • Added a new idea to LEP that becomes available once LEP has been able to survive the first 6 months of the League War to help them better crush their rebels.
  • AI Entente countries can now send volunteers to Canada’s chosen side.
  • Ireland no longer starts with tanks, while the USA does.
  • CSA, TEX and NEE can now reclaim Hawaii.
  • Updated the diplo triggers to check the Colonial Government puppet level directly.
  • Removed Spain’s ridiculously high surrender limits in the Spanish Civil War.
  • Removed Japanese Home Island oil. Now all in Sakhalin.
  • Ethiopia’s first elections are no longer the last elections
  • Serbia should now attack Austria as soon as the latter joins the WK.
  • Norway no longer starts over the division limit.
  • Germany’s female suffrage event now fires upon the end of the WK instead.
  • France now attacks Belgium and the Netherlands together.
  • Russia will now take Crisis on the Don ASAP.
  • Finland now starts in a coalition with the SocCons.
  • Added a couple of sanity checks to the Coto Brus event chain.
  • Replaced Morocco’s RadSoc leader with Leon Sultan.
  • Added a new decision to LEP that buffs Wuxi’s VPs to 20
  • Added a small event chain to LEP that lets you prevent the Hangzhou Uprising
  • Removed all Russian 7/2s, added starting 7/2s to France.
  • Britain now keeps more troops at home, and will rush all its troops home once there is an invasion.
  • The Peking Commission now gives some boni to QIE.
  • Totalist Wallonia no longer joins the Reichspakt.
  • When the French attack the Wadaihaideen, they no longer occasionally make them stronger instead.
  • Made the Napoleon coronation event loc less specific
  • Fengtian’s pre-rework bandit events have been fully gutted and reworked.
  • Fengitan will now receive the option to cut industrial soy during the Great Drought sooner.
  • Reduced Fengtian’s chances of expelling Japanese officers if at > 20% surrender progress.
  • The “Form the Republic of China” decision’s text now changes to “Form the United Provinces of China” if the unifying tag is federalist.
  • FNG’s dynamic modifiers for the Yang Yuting path now have icons.
  • Shanxi’s “Feng’s Bloodless Coup” decision now includes a dynamic description telling the player whether they have enough military and governmental support.
  • JAP left-wing parties now lose some popularity during the first and second popular front events.
  • Nepal may now be invited to the Co-Prosperity sphere so long as the RAJ tag does not exist and is not a Japanese puppet.
  • Central Asian tags may now be invited to the Co-Prosperity Sphere so long as they border one of its members.
  • Tags that agree to join the Anguojun (National Pacification Army) at Fengtian’s unification conference, and which are fighting one another, will no longer be forced to end their conflicts, and will instead be forced to join once their wars against fellow prospective faction-joiners conclude.
  • Warring tags present at the unification conference may be asked to end their wars by Zhang Zuolin.
  • FNG’s “Princes Visit” event chain and associated decisions are now easier to complete and more rewarding, pending a future redesign.
  • Renamed Fengtian’s “Develop the Nine Provinces” focus to “Develop the Three Northeast Provinces”, since said provinces are now displayed on the map via China’s province GUI.
  • Germany now is released as a puppet by France.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed the restoration of the Federalist faction if Chen is betrayed by Zhang.
  • United Scandinavia no longer suffers from an inability to trade overseas.
  • Greece now can continue the war with the Ottomans, if they are peaced out when the Megali War and War in the Desert coincide.
  • Renamed Kyzlorda, the Red Army never got there.
  • Improved the regularity that Serbia and Romania declare on Austria.
  • Germany AI fixed so it will now build ships again.
  • The Deal with the Devil no longer annexes tags.
  • Chad now starts with resistance and a low compliance, as intended
  • Re-activated some mistakenly deactivated Fengtian events pertaining to Mantetsu schooling.
  • Fengtian’s “Restore the 1923 Constitution” focus now adds the Zhang and Communications Cliques to a coalition government.
  • Shanxi now starts with 2 research slots instead of 3.

Other Fixes

  • The protectorate branch of South Africa’s tree will only open after elections have been held.
  • Legation Cities idea representing Qing influence should be removed in the right cases
  • Fixed HUN not being counted as an Austrian puppet during its civil war.
  • Fixed Confederation SIC not giving Savoy/Nice to a puppet Sardinia.
  • DEI and HOL now start with the same naval techs.
  • Fixed Nicolae not being removed if the military restores democracy.
  • Fake intel divisions no longer end the ACW.
  • Italy no longer builds factories in Arabia.
  • Assyria no longer releases itself into oblivion.
  • Fixed Sichuan fleeing to itself during the Sino-Japanese war.
  • Fixed GER not being able to go down the political tree if PatAut.
  • Fixed LEP being unable to get rid of KMT and ANQ unrest.
  • Egypt can no longer invite socialist Iraq to the Pact.
  • Fixed the Istanbul Pact not being disbanded when OTT joins Germany.
  • Ireland custom path for joining factions now works
  • Removed odd idea added in Fate of Slovenia event
  • Ulster revolt event for Ireland now fires properly
  • Poland no longer requires Lesotho to build ships.
  • Fixed Greek tooltip in the Megali War, saying faction leader supported them
  • Ukraine decision to join the Third Internationale now cancels if war with Germany (or anyone else the TI isn’t at war with) starts before the decision expires
  • Fixed Ceylon not being released correctly.
  • Fixed Bulgaria’s syndicalist coup ending the war for Thrace.
  • Fixed being able to choose Status Quo in the Austrian secret deal path.
  • Fixed the Austrian puppets joining Mitteleuropa during the WK.
  • Made the “lesser” Megali option for Greece based on states owned, not claimed
  • VNC’s naval transfer to ITA is now immediate to avoid the capitulation deleting the fleet.
  • Removed text about putting a German king in Spain in GER annexation event for SPA
  • Kornilov no longer comes back from the dead.
  • Reinviting members to the BP now has the correct loc
  • If you beat the MAF revolts in the last few of the mission it no longer then happens anyway, instead using the mission timing as it should
  • Colombia can no longer affirm ties with a dead Entente.
  • Hopefully fixed any remaining capitulation state control transfer bugs.
  • Norway no longer joins the TI before abolishing the monarchy.
  • Fixed Siam getting negative consumer goods from welfare
  • Dynamic trees no longer need an explanation in Albania or Holland.
  • Puerto Rico can no longer reunite with a non-existing USA
  • Austria can no longer take the decision to intervene in WK2 on Germany’s behalf if it is currently at war with Germany (duh)
  • Fixed the “Red Pope” outcome for John XXIII if he is already Pope
  • Fixed the cancel triggers for Anqing’s LEP war missions
  • Fixed al-Hasa being stolen from the Ottomans by the Ikhwan.
  • Germany-in-Exile is no longer a valid target for the new Entente leader
  • Nepal no longer starts with units outside of its home territory
  • Fate of Northern Schleswig will no longer repeat if the player decides on occupation
  • Canada now releases any puppets it has first, if it’s about to collapse and transfer Entente leadership
  • Fixed Georgia keeping pro-German ideas when puppeted.
  • Fixed the inverted event options for Japan’s syndicalist event.
  • Fixed remaining cases of LEP being locked out of its tree
  • Fixed Anqing declaring war on AuthDem Shandong.
  • Fixed a crash in Natal’s files.
  • SFR can no longer release SAF.
  • Fixed a Japanese event causing TRM to annex Russia mid-war
  • Fixed Japan not being able to invest in naval dockyards properly.
  • Fixed the USA being able to choose foreign policy before deciding on keeping Mac or not.
  • Fixed Austria releasing Croatia in Dalmatia.
  • Fixed independent JBS being re-puppeted to OTT.
  • Yan Xishan no longer tries to defect to Austria.
  • The Camel Corps hidden tech now affects camels.
  • Fixed the Russo-Ottoman Convention resurrecting dead tags.
  • Fixed a syndicalist victory in the 1941 FRA elections not changing the HoS.
  • Fixed the HEJ peace mission creating a zombie Arabia in the Cairo Pact.
  • Georgia now builds ports in the correct province.
  • Fixed HOL not being able to refit DEI’s navy.
  • Fixed event which calls Poland or Italy into the Belgrade Pact war with Austria, in an instance where they have already acquired their needed states in the interim.
  • Wallonia’s events no longer build factories in the US.
  • German East Asia no longer starts with locked templates.
  • You have to border the L-KMT now to declare a war on them as R-KMT Yunnan.
  • Edward’s wedding now takes place in the proper capital.
  • Transamur can now integrate states, and the Far East focus now targets the correct state.
  • Fixed an inverted Cuban modifier.
  • Fixed all remaining auto-generated leader stats.
  • AI Tang Jiyao now no longer pretends his decisions to join factions don’t exist
  • Canada can no longer stack Professional Army with Advanced Army Training ideas by delaying passage of Bill C-7.
  • When released FNG should now start with party popularities that won’t break its influence system.
  • Claimed Croatian states are no longer given away by the Fate of Croatia event.
  • Fixed the annexation decision for America not working properly for Canada, so Canada never got the chance to return American land after the ACW
  • Fixed a number of typos in National France.
  • Fixed the sound effect of the Toccata event chain playing for all nations in multiplayer.
  • Germany no longer demands Pas-de-Calais from NFA if they are not allied with Belgium or Wallonia.
  • The Commune of France can no longer name ships after their former colonies
  • NFA should not be trying to place too many factories in Paris through decisions to avoid slot overflow.
  • Fixed a number of typos for XSM and TAN.
  • Fengtian can no longer recruit bandit troops while banning looting.
  • Yang Yuting now promotes himself to Field Marshal when taking over the Fengtian Government.
  • FNG’s first CER Tax event now impacts the Communications Clique appropriately.
  • Targets of FNG’s war decisions should now receive only one notification of war.
  • Yang Yuting should no longer face endless protests or endless low popularity events for non-Concordia Association parties.
  • Fixed province naming GUI for Fengtian, Jilin, and Heilongjiang provinces, while “Inner Mongolia” has been replaced by Jehol, Chahar, and Suiyuan provinces.
  • When released, FNG should now start with party popularities that won’t break its influence system.
  • ANQ now integrates GEA concession states as part of its regular provincial integration decisions.

The KR4 Team: Adrianator2, Alpinia, Arvidus, Augenis, Blackfalcon501, DSFDarker, Carmain, Chazem, Conor, Dr. Njitram, Ddago, Drozdovite, Eragaxshim, Flamefang, Fort, Gideones, JazzyHugh, Jeankedezeehond, Jonjon428, Jonny BL, Krco, Liegnitz, Maltesefalcon, Matoro, Nijato, NukeGaming, OperationsManagementDecisions, PPsyrius, Pietrus, Rei VL, Rylock, SPQR, Starguard, Telcontar101, The Alpha Dog, The Irredentista, Thomahawk2k, Vidyaország, WordZero, Yard1, Zankoas and Zimbabwe Salt Co.

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