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Hearts of Iron IV: No Special Forces Cap
Download this No Special Forces Cap mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

5 Jun 2019

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This mod adds No Special Forces Cap to the Game.

With this mod you can raise the special forces cap to 10000.

– Only affects the Player AI is not affected.

– These are done via decisions which add an idea to your nation which can be removed via the remove decision that appears.
– If you remove the idea via the decision the modifier stays active until the month you are on ends but the boost decisions will show again.
– If you choose another decision it will overwrite the current modifier that correlates with the mod thus will not stack.

I do stream on Twitch if you want to check that out I <3 You![] If you want to add me as a friend feel free to click this and send me an add! I play lots of games and always looking for additional friends! If you would like to join the discord click here[] Links for other John with an H mods:Decision mods: - Fast Ideology Change Millennium Dawn not in the boost pack - Stop AI Spam not in the boost pack - No Special Forces Cap not in the boost pack - Fast Construction Can Disable/Enable at will - Weekly Stability Can Disable/Enable at will - Fast XP Can Disable/Enable at will - Fast Ship Building Can Disable/Enable at will - Fast Research Can Disable/Enable at will - Fast Political Power Can Disable/Enable at will - Fast Military Production Can Disable/Enable at will - Fast Manpower Can Disable/Enable at will - Fast Ideology Change Can Disable/Enable at will - Divisions Boost Can Disable/Enable at willNon-decision mods: - No Division Limit - All XP and Poltical Power Capped to 100000 - Revamped Generic National Focus TreeMod that contains all of the above mods: - Extreme Boost Pack Can Disable/Enable at will Be sure to rate and favorite if you like this mod.

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