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Hearts of Iron IV: Novum Vexillum
Download this Novum Vexillum mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Novum Vexillum to the Game.

Authors description: Novum Vexillum

This project aims to be a modern era total conversion, starting where Millennium Dawn Classic left off. This mod will initially contain nearly all existing features in MDC, as well as several new features and many graphical improvements. Over time, this will diverge until the point in which all original features from MDC are replaced or overhauled. While we will be adding complex features, such as advanced economy and political systems, many of the significant gameplay changes are planned to be optional or low-impact. We understand many players of modern era mods prefer a military sandbox experience over geopolitical adventures, and we want to cater to both demographics, where possible.

Current FeaturesAside from the original features of MDC, this mod contains:
Fully integrated and extended MTG naval tech tree
Streamlined tech trees, including new carrier variants for fighters, attackers, and naval bombers
Significant graphical enhancements and better tech icons
About a dozen new decisions, with many more to come
Newly balanced land units and vehicles
Completely integrated fuel system
New industry tech tree

PlansWe have many planned and in-progress features on the way, as we expect the development time of this mod to be many months or years. Our end goal is to create an interesting and accurate depiction of modern geopolitics, international trade, social cohesion and unrest, and warfare. The plans which follow are not necessarily all that will be added, as there are too many to list here.
New focus trees to replace all existent ones
Abstract economy and political systems
Advanced internal politics
Social cohesion and unrest
National personalities, adding new possibilities for international conflict
International trade and political agreements
Realistic naval combat and configurations
Extensively accurate vehicle and equipment icons and names
Interactive space program
New 3D models for all in game units

In ProgressCurrently, the tech tree graphics are in development. If you see something that doesn’t seem right, we’re probably already working on it. The engineering tech tree is unfinished, so the base game’s tree is used for the time being.
You can use the reuploaded unit reskin here

Submods and ExtensionsOfficially Recognized Submods

AcknowledgementMajesticLemmings for his work on tech icons.
Millennium Dawn Team for their groundwork and permission to use the MDC files.
Nation Builders: Merther

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