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Hearts of Iron IV: Numerous Nations
Download this Numerous Nations mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

6 Jun 2019

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This mod adds Numerous Nations to the Game.

Updated for 1.7 with fixes for ideologies with fitting names and portraits being added.
Next update will be more nations.


Variant of this mod where all NN countries already released:
Will be adding version where all NN countries and ALL VANILLA COUNTRIES start released too!

Have you ever wanted to play as Guam? No? Well here’s the mod for just that!

This mod adds 65 new releasable nations, they could be used in many ways like releasing an army of puppets to build for you with their trees, RP, or just to divide a nation after you crush them. They also account for the Ironclad update, meaning these nations are new and aren’t duplicates of any that Paradox has recently added. They all have unique names and nearly all have flags for the different ideologies.

Here’s all 65 of ’em:

ALA – Aland
ASK – Alaska
BAL – Balochistan
BAQ – Basque Country
BAV – Bavaria
BRI – Brittany
CAL – California Republic
CAS – Cascadia
CAT – Catalonia
CHE – Chechnya
CNW – Cornwall
CRI – Crimea/Taurida
DAL – Dalian
DES – Deseret
ETM – East Timor
EZO – Ezo
FIL – Faroe Islands
FLA – Flanders
FRI – Friesland
GAL – Galicia
GNZ – Guangzhowan
GRL – Greenland (Greenland letsplay when?)
GUM – Guam
HAC – Hebei
HAW – Hawaii
HNK – Hong Kong
ISL – Islamic State (Will I get into hot water for this one?)
KAR – Karelia
KAS – Kashmir
KPR – Kuban People’s Repubic
KUR – Kurdistan
LOU – Louisiana
MAU – Macau
MIC – Micronesia
MSL – Marshall Islands
NCD – New Caledonia
NEL – New England
NOV – Novorossiya/Donetsk
NRM – Normandy
OCC – Occitania
PAU – Palau
POM – Pomerania
PRS – Prussia (Maybe I’ll add a focus to this and other important ones if this mod gets noticed.)
QUE – Quebec
RYU – Ryukyu (Another Ryukyu world conquest when?)
SAP – Sapmi
SAR – Saarland
SBZ – South Brazil
SDP – Sardinia Piedmont
SIB – Siberia
SML – Somaliland
SOL – Solomon Islands
SSD – South Sudan
TAI – Taiwan (Yeah I know it’s just NatChina but why not?)
TEX – Texas
TMT – The Maritimes
TRA – Transylvania
TRE – Trieste
TRM – Transamur (Who doesn’t like Kaiserreich?)
TSC – Two Sicilies (Ditto)
VNC – Venice
WAL – Wallonia
WPA – West Papua
YUC – Yucatan

No, having a country here doesn’t mean I do or don’t support them. Lets just be neutral to avoid pis*ing people off. If you have recommendations for what should be added, or you got a letsplay of some country introduced with this or a review of the mod, then be sure to let me know. Thanks for playing or just taking time to read this through.

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