Make your Farming Simulator 17 gameplay more interesting and diverse with this mods. Become a modern farmer! Grow crops, raise cattle and expand your farm.

You have to become a modern farmer! Grow crops, collect and process them. Breed cattle and expand your farm. On your shoulders will be the purchase of new equipment and its management.

We will give you the best and newest cars, combines, harvesters, maps, tractors, trailers, trucks, tutorials, updates and news about FS 17!

Sometimes you just want to drop everything and go to the countryside. Breed chickens, water the vegetable garden, sit on the haystack with tea and just rest your body and soul. And if you still do not want to do so radically – you can always play a simulator farmer.

Farming Simulator 17 was released in October 2016 and collected a lot of very positive reviews and feedback. But any game can be made even better with the help of mods. And it is about them that we will talk in this article.

Meet the 10 best mods that you can install on Farming simulator. Important! We will talk specifically about mods for FS 17, which add to the game interesting features, but the topic of maps bypassed. But if you want a selection of the best maps for the game – let me know in the comments!

Mod Manager

Before we get to the mods, let’s talk about installing and editing them. FS17 Mod Manager is a simple program with which you can easily install mods on the game.

Also with the utility you can organize them by name or category to turn them on and off at any time. The program takes up little space and does not load the computer, so there will be no problems with its work.

Change of seasons

Developer: Realismus Modding

Download Mod

Mods for weather changes will always be popular. And in the case of Farming Simulator 2017, this rule is no exception. Seasons mod includes in the game the change of seasons, which is also reflected in your farm. So, you will not be able to do anything good in the vegetable gardens in winter, because the land will be covered with a snow cap.

Business strategy will have to be reevaluated too. Emphasize the off-season and make sure you’re making enough money so you don’t go negative in the winter. By installing this mod, you are challenging yourself and your planning and budget allocation strategy. It will be challenging, but very interesting.

The mod not only adds interesting mechanics to the game, but also gives it realism. After all, it doesn’t always have to be the perfect season on the farm. If you want to refresh the routine and tweak your brain – feel free to download this mod.

Money cheat

Developer: Alex2009

Download Mod

Despite the fact that many mods include various agricultural equipment, it still needs money. And nafarlivayut them to buy a new tractor – not the easiest task. In this case, to help come to the money mods. One of them is Money Cheat.

With its help you can get lottery tickets, which are guaranteed to bring you 100,000 euros. You can use the mod as much as you want, and you can easily become a multi-billionaire if you get too carried away. But with this mod you can easily turn your farm into a super modern complex with the latest equipment and the best goods.

Of course, if you like “fair” game and hardcore grind – you don’t need to install the mod at all.

Time rewind

Developer: NoN87

Download Mod

Time Fast Forward is another mod that can make it easier to get through the game. Let’s say you want to get a delivery or grow crops as quickly as possible, but time drags too slowly. Get away from the computer is also not too keen, and waiting is too boring.

Time Fast Forward will help you if you need to complete any game action in the shortest possible time. Just set tasks, organize everything well and press the rewind button. Days and weeks will fly by with great speed, crops will ripen instantly, and all your tasks will gradually be completed.

Enhanced mini-map

Developer: jDanek

Download Mod

Small gameplay improvements can’t be overlooked either. The Better Minimap mod updates the in-game mini-map, adding more useful information to it. Now you will see everything at once in one place.

The map will show fruit types, plant growth stages, soil composition, and more. For convenience, the controls are simplified and painted in different colors. And to get more useful information about the state of the plots on your farm – switch between several screens.

Another important improvement is the zoom mode. Now you can zoom in and out of the map for yourself, or make it transparent if you don’t need it yet.


Developer: yumi

Download Mod

Another important aspect for farming is workers. Essentially in Farming Simulator you work in a one-for-all mode, although this is very difficult, especially when expanding your farm.

You plow your own land, plant and harvest your crops, and much more. Contractor Mod can solve this problem and greatly simplify farm management so you have more time to plan.

Essentially, this mod adds a system of workers to the game that you can contract out. You can hire up to eight people in total and assign each of them a different job. You can switch between workers and control them to make sure they do their job properly. Another touch of realism in the game never hurts.

New vehicles and equipment

Developer: Stevie

Download Mod

You can never have too many vehicles. Especially when it comes to farming. To ensure that you always have the right vehicles for the right tasks at hand, check out this megapack. StevieFSMods Pack includes 137 units of various vehicles and equipment to them. You can use and combine everything at your discretion.

Even if you don’t need that many vehicles, you can choose which items you want to add to the game. For example, you can add only a set of tractors or dump trucks. This will help to avoid clutter. The set will suit both beginners and experienced players, and will cover almost all the needs of farmers.

Tank Set

Developer: Farmer_Andy

Download Mod

To make your farm even cooler, it doesn’t hurt to upgrade your farming equipment and accessories. We’ve already talked about the equipment, but now we’re talking about the tanks that you can hitch wherever you need them. A large selection will allow you to better cope with tasks in the fields, so Kotte Universal Pack is practically a must-have for Farming Simulator 17.

The mod adds a set of 14 tanks to the game. All of them are of different shapes and sizes, so you can adapt them for different tasks. In tanks and tanks you will be able to transport almost all available liquids. Milk, water, digestate or fuel – it doesn’t matter. Just find the right tank for you.

Improved construction

Developer: scfmod

Download Mod

In all games where there is construction there is bound to be something that hinders the creativity of players. Here you can not do the intersection of objects, and there you can not place an object, because its territory overlaps with the territory of the house or field. And modders solve this problem by their own efforts.

In Farming Simulator 17 there are no big problems with the placement of buildings, but sometimes you really want to beautifully line up barns in a row, and the territory or restrictions of the game does not allow this. The Place Anywhere mod is here to help you.

With its help you can disable any conventions of the game about construction and place sheds and barns in any place convenient for you. Just select an object/plot and click on the desired point.

Slaughterhouse and meat processing plant

Developer: Kastor

Download Mod

Not only vegetables and milk live on your farm. With this mod you can run a meat industry too. Kastor has developed its own mod Food Inc, which allows you to set up your own meat processing factory. Just keep children and vegans away from the screen.

Essentially, you can add a slaughterhouse and a meat factory to the game. You’ll have to bring animals into the factory regularly to give them a full course of training for the inevitable. It will be sad, but delicious. It will be possible to produce steaks, sausages, minced meat and much more.

From the pleasant bonuses you will get several units of machinery. They can be used to transport animals and meat products to the factory and back.

Gold mine

Developer: Rambow145/Graf_d

Download Mod

Let’s finish the selection with another mod for additional earnings. This time there will be no cheats with lottery tickets or similar. With Gold Mine you will be able to get in your possession the most real gold mine.

However, do not rush to rejoice. The mine will not just bring money by itself. It is a real mine, in which you will first have to work hard to extract gold and sell it profitably. And it also requires large investments, because the cost of the object is almost 1 million dollars.

Investments will quickly pay off. Once you set everything up, the mine will bring you 100,000 dollars once every 10 hours (in-game, of course). The most important thing is that you have water and pallets.

Of course, mods on FS17 is much more than 10, and the selection can be expanded further. These additions to the game we considered the most interesting. Do not forget to look at other articles! We have a lot of useful guides about games and not only.

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