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Ravenfield: Ravenfield Battalions Pack [M60 is out!]
Download this Ravenfield Battalions Pack [M60 is out!] Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.
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{442}Lokkon, IDDQD, {442}Ryuu Turner



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This mod adds Ravenfield Battalions Pack [M60 is out!] to Ravenfield.

It’s back! And better than ever before with more than 60 weapons total now!! The bot guns have new varients that simulate different difficulties & the Battalion Guns are now separated into Raven and Eagle weapons!

Bot Guns include:

  • RK-44
  • Patriot
  • M1 Garret
  • SL-Defender
  • S-IND7
  • Tavor DMR (To stand in for the Signal DMR)
  • Anti-Personnel Dagger
  • Dagger
  • Frag
  • Wrench
  • Insta-Health Bag
  • Ammo Bag

You now no longer need to leave the bots vanilla ammo & health bags! Just check the standard bot tab, and whichever difficulty class you want!

Bot Classes

Low Damage & No Knockdown [Easy], Low Damage[Easy/Medium], No Knockdown [Medium], and Tactical [Hard]

The 1st three are self-explanitory. As for Tactical, it is the hardest setting. The only difference from vanilla is a more realistic reload time for bots.

Battalion Guns:

  • Artillery Gun [Still no reload animations XD]
  • Anti-Air Gun
  • Insta-Health
  • Ammo Bag [Still Resuppliable!]


  • AK-105 [+Secondary version with no stock]
  • AK-107 [LEFT-HANDED]
  • AK-107 USO [Ukrainian Burst Fire]
  • AMD-65 [Better range and RoF than the AK-105]
  • M1S1 Grunt [Now full auto with more ammo]
  • M1S3 SBS Grunt [only 5 rounds, but wtf this is too OP]
  • RPK-74M [You can kill ANYTHING. Anything….]
  • Tavor LongRange DMR [Yay Israeli guns!!!]
  • M33A1 Impact Frag [KA-BOOM]
  • RIV Helicopter Gunship [ >:) ]


  • M4A1 [+Secondary version that has not been nerfed for some reason…]
  • M16 DMR [Better scope and sight picture!]
  • M60 MG [I may add another version of it with a scope later]
  • M1911 [+ A totally OP suppressed version]
  • Tavor Battle Rifle [Noticeably different than the M4, but I’m working on how to balance it better]
  • Tavor CQC Rifle [20 guage shotgun anyone?]
  • Tavor DMR [The Signal DMR’s replacment has arrived with a Trijicon Acog 🙂 ]
  • M67 Frag [Might tweak this soon]
  • MK3A2 Stun Grenade [I’m working on this for sure]
  • F4U Corsair [Now able to hover(almost) and very good general purpose aircraft]

Coming Soon!:

  • SVD-S Dragunov [Raven] [Will replace Raven’s Tavor most likely]
  • M1919 Browning Machine Gun [Eagle(Maybe)]
  • DH-98 Mosquito Heavy Fighter [Eagle]

Credits – special thanks to:

  • SteelRaven7 [This guy is awesome btw guys. He’s making a script that will letme set up staged reloads and has helped me in several key areas]
  • IDDQD [An amazing (and fast) Ukrainian modeller who has made most of the new guns possible!]
  • Blipbloop [One of the few people who were helping others on discord awhile ago. (Thankfully the community has grown alot) ]
  • Shiny Spiteful [Another really helpful guy]
  • Nofabe [This amaing guy taught me how to animate!!!!! I good modder and a great teacher!]
  • Domino [A lot of inspiration came from this guy]
  • Lokkon [Head of names department and my best friend, Lokkon has caught glitches, given close support, helped balance things that were too OP, and shared ideas that he let me take credit for. This guy is the reason this mod is back]
  • Dogsayingwoosh [Special thanks to Dogsayingwoosh for helping me fix the M60 of my ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ness! I’ll be able to release it soon]
  • gunman001 [Thanks for helping me with video uploads!]

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