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Ravenfield: Vietnam Pack [NATO]
Download this Vietnam Pack [NATO] Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.


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This mod adds Vietnam Pack [NATO] to Ravenfield.

Vietnam Pack [NATO] Mod for Ravenfield

If you’re one of the unfortunate sons drafted to Vietnam, take comfort knowing you have this arsenal to back you up.

‘Nam Patriot:
This space age assault rifle is highly accurate and controllable, making it effective into mid-range combat. Equipped with a 20-round magazine and set to fully automatic

‘Nam Patriot Carbine:
A shortened version of the standard ‘Nam Patriot that has been equipped with a suppressor for stealth operations. Also set to full auto and feeding from a 20-round mag.

SOG Patriot:
An advanced special operations version of the Patriot carbine. It is equiped with an adjustable stock, suppressor, experimental red dot optic, and 30 round magazine.

XM771 PDW:
An even shorter Patriot carbine, it is equiped with an adjustable stock and 30 round magazine. Available as a secondary weapon.

‘Nam Patriot GL:
A standard ‘Nam Patriot fitted with an underslung grenade launcher.

This 40mm underslung grenade launcher fires a devastating anti-infantry grenade with a respectable range. It is moderately effective against light vehicles, however is best used against enemy troops.

M15 Battle Rifle:
A more powerful, semi-automatic alternative to the Patriot. It is best suited for precise mid-range shooting and suffers in close quarters. It fires high power, armor piercing rounds, capable of damaging light vehicles and aircraft. (Model is modified from the default Garrett)

M66 Hog:
This belt fed, full power machine gun will cut your foes down like grass. It fires armor peircing rounds at over 600 rounds a minute from 100 round belts

M76 Frag:
A more modern grenade than the standard one with greater damage, blast radius, and throw range. You are also issued an additional grenade.

M80 Blooper:
Available in both high explosive and armor piercing, this stand-alone grenade launcher has a greater effective range than the M202. Additionally, it provides the soldier with more 40mm grenades, but at the cost of a large size and longer reload. Available as small gear, but at the cost of less ammo

In order to take down tanks effectively, employ your M71 EDICT. It fires a single use HEAT missile that deals heavy damage to vehicles, however it lacks substantial splash damage.

M5 bayonet:
Available both attached to your Patriot of M15 rifle and as a standalone weapon, this versitile knife is excellent for silently taking out foes. [Currently bugged]

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