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Ravenfield: RK-12 Pack
Download this RK-12 Pack Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.


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This mod adds RK-12 Pack to Ravenfield.

RK-12 Pack Mod for Ravenfield

Hello comrades, this pack adds four versions of the RK-12 (and one grenade launcher) to your inventory. The model is based on the AK-12 as it appears in Battlefield 4, which is in turn based on the AK-12 prototype (which looks way better than the final version in my opinion).

RK-12 Grenadier: A fully automatic assault rifle equipped with a Kobra 1x red dot sight, 30 round magazine, and a PG-30 underslung grenade launcher.

RK-12 Infantry: Similar to the Grenadier version, except with a potato grip in place of the PG-30 and iron sights.

PG-30: This grenade launcher fires a self-contained 40mm high-explosive grenade. It is extremely effective against infantry, but very weak against heavily armored targets.

RKU-12: A shortened version of the standard full length RK-12, the RKU-12 is optimized for shorter range combat. It is equipped with a 1x PKA-S optic, 30 round magazine, and fore grip. It has greater spread at range verses the standard version, but a slightly higher rate of fire.

RPK-12: The infantry support configuration uses a Kobra red dot sight, 60 round magazine, and fore grip to provide sustained, accurate fire. It’s rate of fire is slightly slower than the infantry model.

DBV-12: A rechamber in 12 gauge converts the RK-12 into a devastating shotgun. This version is optimized for room clearing with a PKA-S optic and 10 round detachable magazine loaded with buckshot. Semi automatic only.

SVD-12: Last is the marksman version of the rifle. It is equipped with a mid-magnification PSO-1 scope, suppressor, and 10 round box magazine. It is the most accurate version of the RK-12 and preforms best at 100-300m.

All versions have custom models, custom animations, custom UI icons, custom sounds, and multiple reloads.

NOTE: To switch to the grenade launcher, you must have it equipped in gear. While playing, press the ‘3’, ‘4’, or ‘5’ key depending on what gear slot is assigned to. Using the picture above as an example, I would press ‘3’ to switch to it. As of now the game does not have secondary fire, so this is the only way to set that up.

Also there will be a secondary version of the AKU-12 released added at some point next week. Likely will rebalance rates of fire around the same time.

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  • Logangster
    13.04.2018 at 03:08

    Hey, I thought Joe the Pirate didn’t want his mods on here I think? I don’t know I like them but just saying.

    • Game Junkie
      13.04.2018 at 08:39

      Yep, we’ve fixed that.

      • Sui DEagle
        16.04.2018 at 09:33

        You should remove the Advertisements from Joe’s Items entirely, or delete the whole site. We’ve put up disclaimers at the bottom of our steam workshop page
        “You are not allowed to, share, decompile or modify the files of this mod. 3rd party hosting through websites is allowed as long as the download link sends you to this steam workshop page and the page is not monetized through ads, direct file links are not allowed.”
        This has been there since the release of the RK5, RK12, Vietnam Pack and also the M240B. So better remove the ads on all pages or delete the site entirely.

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