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Hearts of Iron IV: Hoi4 Plus
Download this Hoi4 Plus mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

29 Apr 2022

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This mod adds Hoi4 Plus to the Game.

Authors description: Hoi4 Plus

{LINK REMOVED} (The entire list in not in the description because steam has a limit on how many words you can have.)HOI4 PLUS OFFICIAL DISCORD: {LINK REMOVED} Keep in mind this is a compilation/collection of mods. I did not make these mods and you can find the credits at the bottom of the description.This mod is filled with many quality of life features to make your hoi 4 singleplayer experience better. Such as: 1230 flags including:- all vanilla countries,- formable nations from Waking the Tiger,- newly added countries from Man the Guns,- some completely new flags that were not included in vanilla hoi4 (like Franco-British Union)- all of the new flags from the newest DLCFeel free to post your opinions and suggestions in the comments down below. – 61 NEW loading screen images- 30 NEW quotes- less Eurocentrism- more ahistorical/alternate historical scenes- more scenes featuring minor nations A feature that makes playing Fascist Germany more flavorful, adding events and events chains with lots of choices so no game is the same. With over 1300 new icons this feature aims to extend the timeline to the 90s while introducing realistic looking unit icons and tech development.COMPLETED NATIONS: USA, SOV, ENG, FRA, GER, JPN ,ITA , SWE , PRC , POLCOMPLETED TANK NATIONS : ITA, USA, SOV, SWE , PRC , FRA , ENG , JPN , POLCOMPLETED NAVAL TREE : ALL This mod will optimize your game and make the map more clear and colorful.Resource changes in Africa, Australia, China, Central and South America, and the Middle East. Credit: International Arms Market by Martin#3588 (discord)/ Maximus (steam) A feature allowing you to purchase just about any equipment in the game using civs and political power, as well as sell equipment. This feature will also provide some unique decisions and national spirits for minor powers. AI does use this mod as well. Cities and States takes names in language/culture or the owner. Rename cities and state automatically when owner changes. This feature offers the option to make a peace deal with a country/faction you are at war with without capitulating it. It offers EU4 like peace deals that you can configure and send as a proposal to AI or other players. Colours the important buttons in the main UI and some others. Prevents miss clicks and vitalizes the somewhat plain UI. Replaces boring black and white default pictures with color pictures. This feature allows you to construct state level buildings on an allied country’s territory. This costs political power and is slower than constructing buildings normally. You use it by requesting requesting a construction permission from the target country and then selecting one of their states which brings up the interface above the state tab. Instead of having an inconsistent way of forming nations by events, this feature uses decisions which let the player know the prerequisites for forming each nation. This feature creates an end-game reward for gaining certain territories and allows the player to choose when to form the new nation. Note that this feature’s formable nations work independently from Waking the Tiger’s. What this feature does is it basically adds pertinent icons to all modifiers, stats and some effects so they are more consistent, more appealing and easier to read and understand.Another feature is party emblems, – Unique Party Emblem or party logo- Accurate and Historical Party names- Unique party names for Vanilla countries (There is even West Germany and East Germany) Are you tired from seeing generic ideology emblems instead of the proper, historically accurate coats of arms? This mod is for you. It adds over 470 original, historically accurate coats of arms as well as historical communist emblems. Party logos or other emblems were used only in case when there was no other viable alternative.All of the countries are done. Adds over 70 agency emblems to use for both the player and the AI. Features:- new immersive emblems for every major nation in the game,- all nations with unique focus trees included,- many fictional emblems replaced with historical counterparts either used by the agency, the army or armed forces of that country,- AI will be smart and use the correct emblem depending on the country’s ideology,- corrected names of many historical agencies,- changed generic agency names for minor countries,- Vichy France, Free France and different versions of Spain will use correct emblems from now on,- made the snake generic emblem default for minor countries controlled by the AI (IMO it’s much better than the blueish one),- more updates in the future…A feature that adds 100+ German generals, 100+ American generals, and 100+ Soviet generals. Event fires in the 1st month of the game. Includes 48 unique super events with their own music and quotes. (Player led peace conferences) This feature gives players full and direct control of peace conference proceedings in wars they are involved in. Addons:*less shaders*non-reflective water*sharper borders*strategic view adjustments*no advertisementThe FAQ is now on a website {LINK REMOVED} is my country roleplay discord server: {LINK REMOVED} If you are to create submods, translations, or any other thing for this mod please give me credit, (If possible you can also give me a contributor role to your mod) Also please link the official discord, and state that your submod is not official unless you get permission by me. Credits:Count Tyme, Gundahar, federicoB, Dziurkacz, Kondi, [MILe], Alexianus, Mask, carlism gaming, Samson, Gerrade, Double Geared, Juliet, CSRZ, Sardonic, Neutrino, RMD ck, Franz, Zurix, Lurxx, Maximus, Mlecz, Bradeurs, Arthur Percival, Sad Anime Boy, Rudi Mentär, Burch, and Tolis(We took many features from these mod creators)

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