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Hearts of Iron IV: Increased Manpower from Non-Cored States
Download this Increased Manpower from Non-Cored States mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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24 Jan 2017

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This mod adds Increased Manpower from Non-Cored States to the Game.

Authors description: Increased Manpower from Non-Cored States

Updated the version number to match 1.3.*A rather simple, yet important change to the amount of manpower you get from Non-Cored states.I’ve always thought that it was more than a bit ridiculous to get only 2% manpower from your Non-Cored states, even if you keep them for years after ending WW2.To that end, the amount of Recruitable Manpower you get from Non-Cored States has been increased to:30% ManpowerI’ve found 30% to be the best number for this. Unlike similar mods, this one doesn’t completely break the game by removing the limit, but gives you just enough manpower to continue your conquest as a small nation, and maybe even attempt to match the Major Powers once you’ve built up a strong power base and gotten a few allies.Compatibility:NOT Ironman-friendly for obvious reasons.Mod-wise, should be compatible with everything, as this is the only thing that it changes.*Please note that this mod was made specifically to make playing smaller countries more fun, and an actual option for world conquest. If you came here looking for a quick 30% boost to your Major Power, I heartily recommend you go and install one of the mods made specifically to make Major Powers even more OP than they already are.

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