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Hearts of Iron IV: Colonial Expansion
Download this Colonial Expansion mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

30 Jun 2022

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This mod adds Colonial Expansion to the Game.

Authors description: Colonial Expansion

Currently in Beta. Will be updated semi-regularly until I decide it’s good enough. Bug fixes may happen regularly however.

Can you be the one to claim the world?

Every country has been reduced to only a capital state. Many ideas from certain countries have been removed, such as disjointed government. The vast majority of land is now owned by Unclaimed Territories.

To colonize land, you must select an eligible state (neighboring/coastal), There will be a flag in the top left to colonize. Click it. However, this only makes it a colony state. To truly integrate it, you must select the state once it is colonized, and click the ‘integrate state’ button.

The AI, arguably one on the most important parts of a mod like this, will also try to colonize. Having too many AI colonize though is laggy. To select which AI to enable, go into decisions, then select ‘Enable Global AI’, then select which region you would like to enable.

There is now an option to disable AI from colonizing foreign land (i.e britain from the dutch east indies). It can be found in game options.

Added 3 more start dates.
Vanilla: no longer removes some of the more useless ones
The New World: every country not on north/south america are deleted from the game
The Old World: most countries that came to be after 1492 are now deleted from the game

Added more cosmetic tags for colonies
Added the ability to integrate through decisions
Added a test decision for white peacing off the continent. For now only players can use it
Fixed colonies getting cores of mainland
Added the escape shortcut to close the colonial focus menu

The rest of the changelog is in the change notes.

Improved Generic Tree.
Faction Distance Limiter (Modified to include guarantees)

Officially recognized bugs will be in the reported bugs forum. Look in the comments for any other bugs, although I suggest you compare the last time the mod was updated with the comment’s post date as I rarely delete comments.

The creator of the generic focus tree. Where to find them:

As long as you don’t upload the whole mod-unedited, do as you like with the code.

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