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Hearts of Iron IV: Fuhrerredux: A Fuhrerreich Expansion
Download this Fuhrerredux: A Fuhrerreich Expansion mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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2 Jul 2022

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1,274.860 MB

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This mod adds Fuhrerredux: A Fuhrerreich Expansion to the Game.

Authors description: Fuhrerredux: A Fuhrerreich Expansion

Führerredux is a fork for the original Führerreich mod, replacing numerous old portraits with new and improved versions, as well as bringing back some old friends. FX also brings backs old and cut focus trees for Hungary and Switzerland. This submod also includes the submods Ban Keid Mung Non and Sword of the Pearl, adding content to South East Asia. Special thanks to Kaiczer and dax as well as the Kaiserredux team for making this mod possible!

Included submods:
-Ban Keid Mung Non (special thanks to Kaiczer for letting me use their submod)
-Sword of the Pearl (special thanks to dax for letting me use their submod)

New Content:
-New tree for Cruzoob
-New tree for the Philippines
-New tree for the National Government (China)
-New tree for Siam (Temporarily locked, currently under rework)
-Over a hundred new portraits
-Focus tree for Hungary
-Focus tree for Switzerland

Special thanks to the Führerreich team for letting us fork their mod

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