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Hearts of Iron IV: Rise of Nations
Download this Rise of Nations mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Rise of Nations to the Game.

Authors description: Rise of Nations

Rise of Nations is a mod with the objective of creating an unforgettable century of gameplay. (1900-2060)

It is a remake of Totaler Krieg 2030.


* TK2030DexertCzMrJawlineBHAlmecJeff JeffersonRechinokovRymanKingRed2007YTStuffi3000AntmrtBraineac2000Meridiem-OssetiaMikegentDr.SuiuSYard1

Special Thanks to MisterJay and Ted52 and the entire HOI4 modding community, without your great work and generosity, this mod wouldn’t have been possible.(Every mod credited has been asked and has confirmed they give permission.)

A Swedish TigerAllied Construction ProjectsAmerican ReworkAshes of the PastBeautiful StatesBetter Asian Focus TreesBetter NukesBitter Peace – New World OrderBlackIceBritish OverhaulColored EventsCommunistGerDeutschland Erwache 2DoomsdayZomEndsiegEthiopia Focus TreeExpert AIFrance ReworkFrance Total ReworkGerman Focus ReworkGerman UMCHistorical Immersion Event PackItalici ImperatoresItaly OverhaulKaiserreichLeague of NationsLimit AI Division SpamLux Gemaniae[]Mila Rodino BulgariaMillennium Dawn: Modern Day ModPartistan ModPuppet Flags & ColorsRelease Foreign TerritoryRevised ArgentinaRise of RussiaRussia ReworkedSoviet Focus ReworkSoviet Union Expanded Focus Tree[GUS] Soviet’s PuppetsThe Belgian Lion Roars AgainThe Great War ReduxThe Man in the High CastleThe Sickman of the Middle EastThe War of the WorldsToraToraToraUMC Germany CompletedUMC JapanWe are also thankfull for youtube channel Dr. Ludwig for their partnership and future work on soundtrack for Germany.Rise of Nations is a mod lovingly made by the Hoi4 Community, for the Hoi4 Community. It will allow you to play 160 years of world history.- WW1 Start Dates: 1910- WW2 Start Dates: 1933 & 1936- Massive Technology Tree 1900-2060- Massive Generic Focus Tree (1910-2060)- Reworked Law System with much more immersion.- Hundreds of Hand Crafted Realistic Portraits- Integrated Expert AI- Zombie Mode & Anti-Zombie Technology- Over 100 Formable Nations- German, Italian and Japanese Puppet Decisions- Hundreds of New Advisors and Companies- Hundreds of Unique Units with Custom Icons- Hundreds of New Decisions and Events- Hundreds of New Generals- 60 WW2 Focus Trees- Space Tech and Space Race Decisions and Events- Decolonization Decisions and Events- Coup EventsPLANNED UPDATESTBA – Country specific Focus trees for 1900 start date

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