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Hearts of Iron IV: The Information Age 2018 – Early Access
Download this The Information Age 2018 - Early Access mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

21 Apr 2022

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This mod adds The Information Age 2018 – Early Access to the Game.

Authors description: The Information Age 2018 – Early Access

Current Mod Version: Early Access 0.6Compatible HOI4 Version: 1.11.12Compatible Languages: EnglishThe VisionThe Information Age 2018 aims to become an immersive geopolitical simulator starting in 2018, aiming to balance sandbox and realism. The mod is heavily inspired by Geopolitical Simulator 4: Power & Revolution, and will introduce advanced political and economic mechanics, dynamic events, geographical changes, reworked graphics and more.TIA 2018 also completely removes the national focus tree mechanic, instead aiming to replace their function with interactive mechanics, decisions, events and other gameplay functions. The focus tree mechanic is simply too linear and restrictive for what this mod is trying to become. TIA 2018 is a mod of innovation, meaning that we are ready to think outside the box, and embrace ideas that no other mod has ever done.LinksJoin the mod’s Discord[] server in order to hang out with the community and to get the latest news and teasers!Clone the mod’s GitHub[] repository if you wish to try the current development build of the mod!Please consider supporting development financially at Patreon[]!Check out the current development planning at Trello[]!Current FeaturesTIA 2018 starts on January 1st, 2018.The total and final removal of the national focus tree mechanic.An ongoing rework of the in-game user interface, aiming to project a more futuristic and minimalistic atmosphere.Heavy changes to the in-game map, including a completely reworked heightmap, an in-progress terrain rework, accurate cores and claims, and heavy modifications to states and provinces.Hundreds of new existing and releasable potential countries.A large amount of worldwide news events, with both cosmetic flavor events and events reacting to the current geopolitical situation included.Several unique political mechanics such as the Parliament, reworked elections and coalition governments.Several of the conflicts currently going on in the world, such as the the Syrian Civil War, the Yemeni Civil War, the Libyan Civil War and the South Sudanese Civil War.New unique political and geopolitical events and decisions to make the game move forward, such as party leadership elections, unique foreign policy decisions, leaving and joining international organizations, Brexit and more.New generic 3D models for units and many buildings.In-progress reworks to technology and units.Heavy buffs to nuclear weapons both functionally and graphically as a deterrent to world war, just like in real life.A complete new soundtrack for the game, fully replacing the vanilla songs.(Together for Victory only) A total rework to how the puppet system works, splitting it into Autonomous Regions and Puppet States, as well as adding content and decisions interacting with this systemAnd much more!Planned FeaturesAdding starting highways to the mod.Submods featuring start dates in 2019, 2020 and so on.Up-to-date and accurate orders of battle of both land and sea units.Vast amounts of original new 3D models for both units and buildings, creating a truly immersive atmosphere.A rework of the government mechanic, allowing you to distribute cabinet positions between the different parties in your government.Better and more detailed interactions with international organizations.More fleshed out conflicts such as the Afghan, Somali, Sudanese and Central African civil wars, as well as low-level insurgencies such as in Myanmar, Turkish Kurdistan and more.More mechanics such as COVID-19, the European Union, the United Nations, Climate Change and a fleshed out yet simple economic system.A total rework of the on-map factories and resources, in order to create improve balance and realism in regards to these areas.A total rework of the in-game unit commanders and generals.Custom generic portraits for every continent and for both men and women.Rework and rebalancing of the in-game units.NoticesAll features listed are currently WIP (Work In Progress), meaning that they are all subject to possible bugs and incomplete aspects.It is not recommended to use other mods at the same time as this one. Ask on the mod’s Discord server if you want to know if a specific mod is compatible with TIA 2018.Make sure to be using DirectX 9 in the launcher, or 3D models may start breaking or glitching.Do not use “set_ruling_party” to change governments as that breaks the parliament and government systems. You can instead use “add_party_popularity” and hold a snap election to make your party win, or use the command “event election.1” in case of a country with a presidential system.The mod’s file structure is currently not adapted to translations. Please do not attempt to translate the mod into another language than English until this issue has been resolved. If that’s a problem, learn English like everybody else.Credit TIA 2018 and/or Generalis if you’re borrowing any of the mod’s content.Feel free to create submods.Many countries currently lack starting navies. This is due to the Man the Guns update breaking the existing naval orders of battle from Millennium Dawn Classic. Feel free to volunteer.The mod currently lacks starting highways, as nobody has made them yet. Feel free to volunteer.External Credits:- TIA 2018 is initially built upon Millennium Dawn Classic, but has been modified enough to become radically different.- The GUI in TIA 2018 is built upon an earlier version from Modern War, that has now however been heavily modified and edited.- TIA 2018 uses the tech, equipment and units from Novum Vexillum as a base.- Player-Led Peace Conferences is integrated into TIA 2018 as a game rule.- Recall Volunteers is fully integrated into the mod.- Better Sounds is fully integrated into the mod.- TVerent Flag Overlay is fully integrated into the mod, with some minor changes to the brightness of the textures to remove the dystopian feeling.

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