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Hearts of Iron IV: Minor Nations Reborn
Download this Minor Nations Reborn mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

11 Mar 2022

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This mod adds Minor Nations Reborn to the Game.

Authors description: Minor Nations Reborn

What is Minor Nations Reborn?
Minor Nations Reborn is a complete overhaul of the generic focus tree designed to make progression feel both natural and fun, while retaining replayability via player choice. It is a complete reconstruction of what its predecessor (Minor Nations Revenge) sought to achieve allowing minor nations to develop into more powerful states, but unlike its predecessor it gives a better sense of progression through steady build up as opposed to an instant explosion of power.

Minor Nations Reborn is designed to last. Unlike its predecessor which altered a wealth of different game files- Minor Nations Reborn is increadibly non-invasive, maximizing both its compatibility with other mods and its compatibility with new major updates.

Join the official Discord[]to see what the future holds!

Brand New Generic Focus Tree Including-
Political Branch – 49 Focuses
Military Branch – 45 Focuses
Industrial & Economic Branch – 35 Focuses
Puppet Branch – 31 Focuses

Stub Focus Paths for-
Caucus Nations (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan)
Middle Eastern Nations
…and many more soon!

Focus Total Comparison-
Minor Nations Reborn Generic Tree – 160 Focuses (not including stubs)
Paradox Generic Tree – 56 Focues

For future announcements and teasers regarding the mod join the official Discord[]

If you feel there are any major balancing problems, or you encounter a bug please voice your issue in its respective thread… or voice them on the official Discord[]

Russian Translation
Chinese Translation

*This mod was made with DLC in mind. It functions without DLC, but may not function to its fullest extent.

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