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Kenshi: Slopeless
Download this Slopeless mod for Kenshi and train your people - turn frail victims into master warriors. Take your wounded comrades out of the battle so that they all return home alive.
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19 May 2019

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This mod adds Slopeless to the Game. Learn and produce new equipment. Buy and improve your own buildings. Help different world factions, or fight them. Train your people – turn frail victims into master warriors. Take your wounded comrades out of the battle so that they all return home alive.

Authors description: Slopeless

This simple mod allows you to level buildings without development tools or having to carefully drag it. Buildings have a natural and realistic look and play very well. Doesn’t take anything off from the vanilla gameflow, balance or difficulty. It’s intended to be used on uneven terrain but it works fine as much as inside hill walls. Should work well with just about any mod and savefile as it just change footprint placing permissions.

Please, read carefully. All those informations are important. Enjoy it and have funAttention: Since there’s a bug in Editor for this mod, there’s a more up to date version in Nexus[]Thanks to Muggins for his assistance in the latest update

What does it do:
Completely removes slope requirements for buildings so they can be placed in any terrain.
The terrain gets removed from inside of the buildings, so it can be placed as much as inside mountain walls.
Increase vertical position tolerance, so players can make their buildings as high as there’s foundation underneath (Default ‘ – and = ‘)[]
Adds a second version of gate structures group called Defensive Gate (Single Mode). It behaves exactly like their usual counterpart except they are placed like normal structures (They stamp in the ground instead of being click and draged) for additional building freedom
All that can be done without the development tool, so you don’t need to cheat and move the structure. Just place buildings like usual
Should work with your previous save (no need to New Game or Import) and just about any mod, even those that deal with buildings and new towns. Just make sure to set Slopeless at the bottom of the mod order list

Known issues:
Addition of Gate (Single mode) was made unecessary after a update, but it wasn’t deleted. Now both gate versions should operate the same, cluttering building list a little bit
Constructions that are too much inside hill walls or other harsh terrain will behave weirdly. This is not what this mod is for. Do it at your own risk.
Buildings still follow slopes. You just ‘ve got to hold your change slope hotkey (Default ‘ ] ‘)[] and it snaps perfectly
Buildings with balcony inside the terrain mess up. People can go upstairs and teleport above ground and that screws up pathfinding too. Just don’t use buildings with balcony inside hills if you don’t want that to happen
Hills cutting through balcony have no collision but they do appear. Doesn’t screw people navigation and actually looks pretty cool, but ideally people would be able to climb that leftover piece of terrain instead of ignoring it
Doesn’t help much with walls. It does allow you to place them anywhere but it still looks weird
Removes building collision with other buildings[]. Overlapped buildings behaviour is such that both buildings keep it’s collisions and textures, so the overlapped section have no pathfinding. This means that they work actually fine and that’s just a aesthetic concern that players can avoid. Also a little bit of overlapping, specially as long it’s unreachable parts colliding (foundations) actually makes sense and is completelly harmless
When trying to zoom and look from inside buildings inside cliffs the camera colides with the hill. Easily manageable but a little annoying
There have been complains about buildings “moving” after placed. This happens when I update the mod tweaking certain values. All I can say is that I am working on some other things that shouldn’t cause this in the moment and that I finished tweaking actual buildings, so stuff like Shacks and Stormhouses are safe. But I might get back at changing values for props like Light Poles for example. I’m sorry if you eventually are harmed by this

This mod isn’t deeply tested, there might be issues not mentioned above. Also I’m sorry but I’m not working on it anymore, at least for now. Anyone that wish to pick it up and add to it is welcome to do so

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