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Kenshi: more building
Download this more building mod for Kenshi and train your people - turn frail victims into master warriors. Take your wounded comrades out of the battle so that they all return home alive.

This mod adds more building to the Game. Learn and produce new equipment. Buy and improve your own buildings. Help different world factions, or fight them. Train your people – turn frail victims into master warriors. Take your wounded comrades out of the battle so that they all return home alive.

Authors description: more building

This MOD to add a building.

This sentence is displayed with machine translation
and Japanese changed to English.

● Added buildings (display by category)
Ancient citadel
Ancient factory
Ancient Lab
Ancient Lab +Gate
Ancient Lab Ramp Strong Gate
Large house -old
L-House Lagoon
Double house
HIVE Commune Hut
Metal wallhouse
Metal Warehouse
Moor A
Moor C
Moor Tower
Old House
Outpost Prison +Gate
Outpost Prison Ramp Strong Gate
Outpost s-V
Snailhouse Lagoon
Storm House(big)
Swamp Dome
Swamp House
Swamp Lookout Tower
Swamp Platform
Swamp Platform Large
Swamp Platform Round
Swamp Platform Small
Various ramp

Concrete Gate
Concrete Wall
Defensive Wall III Tower
Defensive Wall IV Tower
Defensive Gate V
Defensive wall V
Defensive Wall V Tower

In addition to the above
  Building which ten times the durability value and repair speed of the existing 

fortified gate
Three types of fortified gate sizes changed 
(large, medium (standard), small, very small)
We added two types of protective walls whose sizes have been changed (large, small)

Existing signage

Tree of banana
About 10 types of leafy plants
flower pot
Wood processing machine

 Several types of rock

Storage: Banana
Storage: Banana milk
Storage: Cheese
Storage: Goat milk
Storage: Paper
Storage: Wood(S,M,L)

Big Ramp
High Walkway
High Walkway Support
Pontoon Bridge
S High Walkway
Shield Bridge
Swamp Walkboard

Paper Making
Ancient Science Book bench
Engineering Research bench
Science Book bench

Hydroponic Cactus

Biofuel Distillery (Wood)

●Added items 
Banana milk
banana seedlings
Goat milk

●Added Cooking 
Banana milk

●Added research
Ancient Fortress
Hydroponic Cactus
Outpost Type V
Strong Defensive Walls2
Wood Processor Upgrade

●Added NPC
Gardening store
It emerges in the town of
UC, HN, Mongrel, Squin, Eyesocket, Admag,
Fishing Village(dead cat), Last Stand, Flotsam Village,
Some of Hive Village(Western Hive), World’s End.
using one small shack, selling plant materials.

Gardening trader
With some bars, Gardening trader will stay
Drin, The Hub, Black Desert City, Shark, Waystation Four, Waystation

Farm Goat (1)
It appears in the area of UC, HN, Mongrel and talking to him with right click, it will follow.
Also, if there is a player’s base nearby, it will be like going to that base.
The deadline is one week. That is the same mechanism as the guard of the mercenary group as content.
If you follow me when you follow the base or go to the base, the goat makes goat milk.
Goat milk can be collected once every 2 days.
Goat milk that you can take will not increase even if you have multiple goats.
(Even if there are two Farm Goats, that number can be taken once)

Farm goat (herd)
Basically the same as a Farm Goat (one), it does not follow the player.
If there is a base of the player in the vicinity where the goat was in,
It will become like to wander without a time limit.
You can also choose to return to wild by talking to.
A lot of goat milk can be taken than a Farm Goat (one).
Goat milk that can be taken even if you have more than one goat will not increase.
(Goat milk can be taken separately from Farm Goat (one) and Farm Goat (herd) respectively)
that’s all

Defect report
Defensive wall V
Ancient citadel
Ancient factory
Ancient Lab
Ancient Lab +Gate
Ancient Lab Ramp Strong Gate
Outpost Prison +Gate
Outpost Prison Ramp Strong Gate
These buildings and large buildings are prone to path bugs.
If something goes wrong, you can rebuild the building,
Please press the Shift + F11 key on the game screen and try to correct the data.
Or save and load, import may be fixed.
(It is better to back up the original data before saving or save it as different data)
As another means, press Shift + F12 to change to debug mode
After left-clicking on the building, you may change the position of the building, you 
may be corrected by saving and loading.

We verified the operation of this MOD several times
Although no major bugs occurred,
There are still undiscovered bugs and misconfiguration.
Because there is a danger that valuable save data will be lost,
Sorry to trouble you but please backup the save data.

Since the object names and sentences of this MOD are machine translations of Japanese
It seems to be a funny sentence.
I’m sorry.

If you can not see the above video, you can see the video from this link

Great MOD produced by SeelenschwarzGeneral Modifications

Compatibility of General Modifications and more building Patch MODGenMod – More building bookcrafting fix – Parchment Version

GenMod- More building bookcrafting fix – Paper Version

Some functions MODmore building(HWB edition)

more building(house only)

more building(Bridge only)

more building(natural trees only)

more building (get rid of gardening store)

Plant Trees

※日本語に変更したい方はお手数ですが別途「more building JP」をサブスクライブしてください。
(※ For those who would like to change to Japanese sorry to trouble you sir, but please separately sing a “more building JP”.)

more building JP

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