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Kenshi: Adventurers Guild – Lore Friendly Recruitment
Download this Adventurers Guild - Lore Friendly Recruitment mod for Kenshi and train your people - turn frail victims into master warriors. Take your wounded comrades out of the battle so that they all return home alive.

3 Jun 2018

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This mod adds Adventurers Guild – Lore Friendly Recruitment to the Game. Learn and produce new equipment. Buy and improve your own buildings. Help different world factions, or fight them. Train your people – turn frail victims into master warriors. Take your wounded comrades out of the battle so that they all return home alive.

Authors description: Adventurers Guild – Lore Friendly Recruitment

Have you recruited all the folks in the bar? Getting tired of checking every bars just for a measly recruit? Don’t you wish you can just pay an NPC somewhere to find the recruits and bring them to your base? Well now you can!

Adventurers Guild introduces a new faction named Adventurers Guild (duh) that will bring recruits straight to your base. You can very easily find their representatives in the bar of almost all major cities, or go to their outpost close to The Hub or their main headquarters in Sinkuun.

===== HOW DOES IT WORK? =====

Well I’m glad you asked. When you talk to the representative in any Bar you will be given the option to ask for recruits. You can pick the race of the recruits, and then pay a headhunting fee to them. Few hours after the transaction a squad of adventurers along with your recruits will journey from the guild’s outpost or HQ, whichever’s the closest. Once they arrive you simply talk to the recruits and hire them individually. All done!

As a sidenote, this mod also introduces a new outpost named Ishijuku in the south, close to The Hub, and a new small city named Shirokyo in Sinkuun. You can find a bar in both and a robotic store in Shirokyo. These will be the place where the delivery squad spawns.


This being a mod, there are a few limitations that you should be aware of to prevent your money being wasted for nothing.

– IMPORT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Some people that tested the mod claimed it works just fine without importing, but others reported that the NPCs don’t appear if they don’t import. Because of this I highly recommend to import your game straight away for a smooth experience.

– Do not ask for multiple same race recruits more than once before the delivery has arrived.
Doing this will overwrite your first delivery, aka wasting your money and time. This is game limitation, so not much can be done about that. Multiple race deliveries are fine tho.

– Ensure that your base is “active”.
Someone must stay in your base for the delivery to execute. If no base is loaded the squad will not spawn and give another go after few days have passed. and YES, FEW DAYS. The re-attempt cooldown is automatically determined, so I can’t modify it. You’ve been warned.

– Please build your base somewhere survivable.
Places like fog islands, deadlands, and black desert are no go zones for Adventurers guild. They will still take your money of course, but they will outright refuse walking in there for obvious reason (they don’t want to die). So in case your base is there, I recommend building a small hut somewhere out of those regions to receive the recruits.

===== CREDITS =====
Big thanks to CATman4L, Shidan, Inflectus, and many more for giving me ideas, guiding me through the nightmare that is FCS, and testing out the mods. Wouldn’t have survived without them.

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