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Hearts of Iron IV: Millenium Dawn +Turkey
Download this Millenium Dawn +Turkey mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

30 Jun 2022

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211.034 MB

Requires Mods:

Millennium Dawn: A Modern Day Mod

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This mod adds Millenium Dawn +Turkey to the Game.

Authors description: Millenium Dawn +Turkey

In Millenium Dawn mod, there are not many details about Turkey. This mod’s mission is make Turkey more detailed. Also this mod has been made by one person. I am swiss so you may find some errors.WARNING DON’T TAKE THIS MOD TO RP MODSDON’T TAKE THE POLITICAL SITUATIONS SERIOUSLY! Here are the features of the mod:-New Turkish Focus Tree For (Communist Regime (ÖDP-EMEP-TKP-Perinçek), Democratic Kemalist Junta, Kemalist Dictatorial Junta, LDP Government, Young Party Government, Emergency Government, Grey Wolves Regime, Erbakan’s Regime, DSP Government, CHP Government, ANAP Government, Centrist Regime (AKP-MHP/CHP-IYI), HEPAR, Mafia Takeover, Liberal AKP 2007s, Restoration Of Ottoman Empire And Caliphate, MHP Alonely )-New Events -New Ideas-New Political Parties-New Icons For The Political Parties-New Political Leaders-New Decisions-New (Guardians Of The Kemalism) Decision Mechanics-New (Grand Assembly) Decision Mechanics-New (Sectarian Woes) Decision Mechanics-New Cosmetic Tags-New Turkish Civil War Plugin-Political Speeches -Super Events -Bug Fixes-Localisation Fixes-Expansion On The National Focus Tree -New Events-Balances You may look for a Turkish Translation of the mod. There is a translation made by TÖRÜNGEY and Girayoglu, you can get there if you click that button Turkish Translation If there would be different versions of Turkish translations, i put there as wellNOTE 1 = It is very important to find errors about the mod, just write them in comments when you find errors about the mode. Thank you in advance for your Error reports!NOTE 2 = Play with this mod with Updated Version Of Millenium DawnNOTE 3 = If you want to get something from the mod contact me please,Discord[]There would be teasers about the next update in the discord.——————————— + ℌ ℑ (1.1) =

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