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Hearts of Iron IV: Enhanced Peace Conference AI
Download this Enhanced Peace Conference AI mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Enhanced Peace Conference AI to the Game.

Authors description: Enhanced Peace Conference AI

Currently supports patch 1.6, but will work on previous versions just fine.

The version of this mod currently included in patch 1.2.0 is 1.0.9. For changes since then, see “recent changes” below.

This mod aims to remedy the chaotic peace conference AI by making the AI act in line with their historical war aims and goals and by fixing a few bugs and oversights in the vanilla peace conferences.

The screenshots above come from a campaign where the Allies (and China) contributed the most by far and where the Soviets joined the war late and represents the first version of the mod.

The AI will now follow these guidelines in general when pushing demands:

All nations will no longer take inland territory they have no access to. They will attempt to take cores and claims first regardless of ideology.

All countries will now only make puppets of nations that they either border or that border one of their puppets. No more weird landlocked puppets! Only major nations with ports will bother having puppets in other continents.

Generic democratic AI will no longer annex entire nations unless the entire nation is a core and will instead prefer to liberate and force democratic governments on their targets. They will now also seek to dismantle empires by taking their non-core territory if they can’t liberate it to a valid nation. Majors and minors with colonies can participate in this dismantling.

Generic communist AI will strongly prefer making puppets and will also seek to dismantle empires like democratic AI does. Minor communist AI will only consider puppeting neighboring nations if they can, and major communist AI will try and establish as many satellites and puppets as they can.

Generic fascist AI will still seek to expand their territory – however, their expansionism is now reduced to sensible levels. How far they will directly expand depends on their industrial strength. Fascists are now more likely to stick to their own continent, using puppets as a means to expand their influence elsewhere. You should see a Germany that tries to take Russian lands to the Urals instead of to the far east and a Japan taking land and making puppets in the Asia and Australia, etc.

Generic neutral AI is now mostly concerned with obtaining their cores/claims and not disturbing the previous order. Extremely well-performing neutral AI might end up puppeting some of their direct neighbors (except strong majors) . A neutral AI that becomes a major may attempt to obtain some colonies where sensible as democratic nations do.

This is very much a work in progress. Feedback is welcome and as always – expect bugs.

Recent changes:
-Updated to patch 1.6.*

Future work:
-I will need to rework things significantly due to the weird quirks in peace conferences as the latest patch.

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