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Hearts of Iron IV: Vanilla Super Events
Download this Vanilla Super Events mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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25 May 2022

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88.334 MB

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This mod adds Vanilla Super Events to the Game.

Authors description: Vanilla Super Events

Ever feel like events in Vanilla are too boring?
This mod is for you!
Includes 53 unique super events with their own music and quotes.

List of Events and Music []
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New Events for Battle of the Bosphorus:
Return of the Macedonian Empire Byzantine Empire Returns Resurrection of the Ottoman Empire Turkic Unification (Turan) Balkan Unification
Super Event audio is now controlled through its own radio station. You can now pause or change the volume of event audio while it’s playing. This saves over 200mb of data, enjoy the extra space!

Is this ironman compatible?NOT Ironman Compatible, modifies events Where is fall of [city]?I won’t be making these kinds of events and I find that news events work fine Compatible with other mods?Not if they change focuses or the map. They won’t break the mod but some events may not fire.
Supported Languages
English French/Français by toma531 German/Deutsch by DerEherneRächer Japanese/日本語 by paontv Korean/한국어 by NamoPari Polish/Polski by SCP-999 Romanian/Română by CartofulMaro Russian/Русский by минор) Serbo-Croatian/Srpskohrvatski by Missinity Simplified Chinese/简体中文 by KaGa Spanish/Español by Nekob Turkish/Türkçe by hunterfox20
Some languages’ translations may not be up to date, check change notes for most recent updates.

Thank you for 20,000 subs! 😀

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