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Hearts of Iron IV: Darkest Hour – Open BETA
Download this Darkest Hour - Open BETA mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Darkest Hour – Open BETA to the Game.

Authors description: Darkest Hour – Open BETA

Everything provided is still a work in progressDarkest Hour is a total overhaul mod for Hearts of Iron IV. Start in the year 1933, see the rise of Hitler, fight the Great Depression, and prepare your nation for the upcoming storm that will shatter Europe and the World. A Small summary of what the BETA stands for.The Beta version of Darkest Hour is only a BETA for the upcoming 0.1 version, this means you can expect bugs and things that do not work. Still, we decided to release it in this state to allow all of you to discover the work that has been done by our dedicated team. If you want to help us speed up the development and release the mod that we all want it to be, please consider joining our team!Here are a few of the many featues Darkest Hour brings to your Hearts of Iron IV experience!A 1933 Start Date Focuses on all seven majors (In Works) New tech Tree (In Works) New Units Dual Leadership Parliament System Monetary System Great Depression Mechanic Improved Maps with Hundred of New States New Ideologies and Sub-Ideologies More focuses on minor countries And after all of the above, many more features will come with the mod’s next update, such as:Addition of alt-historical paths Reworked political system Reworked diplomatic system Bugs or Crashes? Feel free to report any of them on our Discord Server in the dedicated channel. Join our Discord Server![]Check our Reddit Page!Visit our Youtube Page!Thanks to Algerian General, Generalis, The Black Tiger, Teddy, and all the members of the team that have worked and still work for the mod, you’re great!And of course, thanks to you for playing our mod!

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