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Hearts of Iron IV: Ultimate Cheat Mod Improved
Download this Ultimate Cheat Mod Improved mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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29 Jun 2022

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This mod adds Ultimate Cheat Mod Improved to the Game.

Authors description: Ultimate Cheat Mod Improved

Welcome to the Ultimate Cheat Mod! This mod lets you cheat about anything within the game. This mod puts the cheats in the Decision Menu so they can be more organized and allow multiple cheats under certain categories. This also allows me to have the options to hide or show certain cheat menus to reduce clutter.This mod should work fine without DLC. The only DLC that I recommend is Together for Victory and Man The Guns as there is the ability to annex puppets and get their armies and navies.——————————————————————– Latest Major Version Version 3.4 was released with new features. To see the changelog for versions you can find them in the discussion tab below.———————————————————————- Current Features Cheat Political Government and Foreign Policy Change Vassal Ideology to Yours or Annex Them Boost or Change Ideology Add Offmap Factories Boost Production and Construction Speed Max Infrastructure Add Building Slots Core All States Claim All States Cheat Military and War Goals Add Manpower Add Research Slots and Boost Your Research Speed Add as many resources as you want Annex or Puppet any nation in the game Become Independent Instantly Cripple the AI Add or Remove World Tension Others Built In Features Custom Cheats for Millennium Dawn Planned Features More Cheats More Languages More when I can think of them———————————————————————- Languages English – Full Support German – Updated Polish – Updated Russian – Updated Spanish – Updated Portuguese – Updated If any of these languages have any translation problems, please help me fix them. I only know one language so they are made using Google Translate.For non-official supported languages from Paradox, please check below for alternate mod languages.———————————————————————- Compatibility The mod is extremely compatible since it uses it’s own files and assets. However, there are those which may still interfere.Known Compatibility Issues The ideologies may crash if you hover over them in mods that add new ones. This is due to some weird game bug. I suggest not hovering over them when using other major mods that add ideologies. You can also minimize the tab and never show it. If the decisions do not show up, try re-subbing to the mod. If you are using this mod with another major mod and it does not show, please comment about it either below or in bugs discussion and mention which major mod you are using. Example: “Does not show up with Road To 56”———————————————————————-ExtraFeel free to use the mod in your collections and any mods that you wish to make. I’d appreciate it if you would link it here for credit. I do not mind people downloading the mod via third party in order to use it for the non-steam versions of Hearts of Iron IV. You can find guides online on how to get workshop items locally.Thank you for your support, for trying out the mod, and having fun! Be sure to favorite and like/thumbs up so more people can find this mod easier!If you wish to donate then click the image below. <3[]Please do not criticize others in the comment sections, thank you.----------------------------------------------------------------------Other LanguagesChinese 中文 [/signoff]

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