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1965 Pontiac GTO Mod for Car Mechanic Simulator 2018
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Turn your small workshop into a first-class car service. Install this mod and add 1965 Pontiac GTO to your garage in this new part of Car Mechanic Simulator. Find more custom cars, custom licence plates or custom localization packs. Enjoy the game!
File size:

37.142 MB

Requires DLC:

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 - Tuning DLC, Dodge DLC

This mod adds 1965 Pontiac GTO to the Car Mechanic Simulator 2018.

1965 Pontiac GTO This car is a personal favorite of mine 3 months of work went into hand making this car so I hope you will enjoy it as much as did making it.

You can make this car many different ways i have tried to keep prices lower and reduce part clipping as much as possible also testing a new body config file.

Batterys are all located in engine bay to make it easier for everyone.

Variation Information:

  • Stock = Order.10 – Junkyard – Auction
  • Gasser = Junkyard – Auction
  • DIY Race Car R6 = Junkyard – Auction – Salon
  • DIY Race Car V8 = Junkyard – Auction – Salon

How to install this mod:

Download the file. Unzip the archive. Copy the folder to the folder “Car Mechanic Simulator 2018\cms2018_Data\StreamingAssets\Car“.

Avoid double folders, look carefully so that there is a folder with the name of the car and its files.

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