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City Car Driving: Audi S5 for v.1.5.5
Download this Audi S5 Mod for City Car Driving v.1.5.5 for free and enjoy the dynamic driving of this realistic car in your City Car Driving!

Audi S5 by FullOyunMod what it was originally Converted to Audi A5 by BZ And JZ 26 Motors Screenshot pictures by Alexey Yurchenko/Алексей Юрченко Tested by Vladimir Dobarin

File size:

31.9 MB

Direct Download:

This mod adds Audi S5 to City Car Driving. Enjoy!

Authors description: Audi S5

Mechanicals are:

Changes physics such as the brakes, Smaller engine so it drives slightly slower than the Audi S5 my first time editing CSV files so it will be quite accurate, Wheel friction (Wheel grip), Added automatic transmission, Gear ratios, Suspension, Steering and added custom sound.

And Added Extras and they are:

1 Beige Leather Interior

2 Red Leather Interior

3 White Leather Interior

4 Light Grey Leather Interior

5 Dark Grey Leather Interior

6 Brown Leather Interior

7 Dark Tan Leather Interior

8 Light Tan Leather Interior

9 Tinted Windows

10 Black Wheels

11 Black Gloss

12 Full Beige Leather Interior

13 Full Beige Leather Interior With MPH Speedometer

14 MPH Speedometer




Removed chrome on the door handles and mirrors and made them body coloured


Foglight mesh and change

A5 badges

Removed V8 badges on the front wings

Bodywork correction

Wheels from the Audi A6 but still the same as the A5




Replaced metal pedals and added rubber pedals

Steering wheel

Corrected speedometer numbers


The mod took about a year to make and very hard to convert to A5 but i eventually got round to it and it was good project to work on and plus at the last minute i decided to make extras and i got it perfect as i can get it, Also this is my first time editing CSV files Power and Losts by working it out and by 1 number less so the engine for the Audi A5 will be accurate as its meant to be a 3.2 liter engine so thats the best as i can get it to be like the the real Audi A5, Even though its not totally perfect but perfect enough, So it was just a guess of how to work out the CSV files and i got it the best i as i can from what i know, So i hope everyone will like the mod and if its good, This is good car and mod.

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