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Hearts of Iron IV: Anime Music
Download this Anime Music mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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10 Jan 2022

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1,535.931 MB

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This mod adds Anime Music to the Game.

Authors description: Anime Music

Anime Music features the largest collection of anime music ever!

This music mod not only covers immersive music for playing with Anime no Sekai, but also provide anime songs from other genres through the additional music stations that come with this mod.Featured UpdateMusic no Sekai has been renamed to Anime Music! It has also been overhauled and streamlined into 4 stations, namely Legacy Soundtrack, Modern Soundtrack, Original Soundtrack, and Special Soundtrack!3.0 is out! The new Music no Sekai update adds a completely new orchestral radio station with 20 songs! Credits to the talented Seycara for making all these orchestral covers!- Legacy Soundtrack honoring the music mod’s humble origins with a selection of 40 musical pieces.- Modern Soundtrack featuring music from everyone’s favorite anime shows!- Original Soundtrack oriented towards giving the mod a unique atmosphere and tailored towards the state of world affairs, be it peace or war.- Special Soundtrack with many anime covers of historical songs!Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat if HOI4 gets updated?We’ll get to work as soon as possible and roll out an update.When ‘till the next update?When it’s ready. We’ll do our best balance out real-life and AnS community demands.I would like to suggest something for this mod.Visit our Discord and submit your suggestion to the complaints committee.I found a bug!Visit our Discord and submit your suggestion to the complaints committee.Discord[]We will address issues as quick as possible. In the meantime, please enjoy our immersive offering of anime OSTs and musical pieces!CreditsThe Star Empire TeamStarguard – Lead DeveloperAurora – Vice Developer…and all the composers and musicians who made this mod possible!

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