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Hearts of Iron IV: Endsieg: Ultimate Victory
Download this Endsieg: Ultimate Victory mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Endsieg: Ultimate Victory to the Game.

Authors description: Endsieg: Ultimate Victory

This is the official successor to the Gotterdammerung 1944 mod anyone else claiming to be or uploading a former/older version of this mod (Gotterdammerung 1944) is doing so without Endsieg’s consent. If you have any questions, suggestions or want to become a dev we redirect you to our Discord[].If you would be so kind, this is my (MisterJay) Patreon[]. I currently do not have a steady source of income, and might have to give up modding if I can’t find it through Patreon. Your support would be highly appreciated.

Current supported HOI4 version: 1.7
Current update: 2.4.4

Endsieg is German for “Ultimate Victory”, this term was commonly used in WWI and WWII propaganda and was one of the most widely used terms in propaganda by the Third Reich. Joseph Goebbels would still come to use this term as late as 1945 ensuring German’s that they were facing a “final victory”.

This mod is the successor to the outdated Endsieg mod and Goetterdaemmerung, however much different than some might remember it. The scenarios currently implemented are: 1910, 1914, 1918, 1941, 1943, 1944, 1944 december and 1945.

Scenarios1910, 1914 and 1918: WW1
Endsieg features a fully implemented WW1 scenario. You can start on the buildup to the war, just before the war or close to the end of the war.

July 2nd, 1941: Operation Barbarossa
With the start of Operation Barbarossa on the 22nd of June 1941, Germany has officialy broken the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. The first phase was the first and only attack along the entire frontline, and captured a huge stroke of USSR territories. The German army seems unstoppable and the Luftwaffe reportedly destroyed 4,000 Soviet Aircraft while only losing 80 of their own. Libya is still holding strong and so far the Soviets seem unable to resist the German Panzers. Japan stands poised to attack the allies in the Pacific…

July 11th, 1943: The Turning Tide
The Battle of Kursk starting July 5th, 1943, would become one of the largest tank battles in history and would ultimately force Germany after its evetual defeat to stay on the defensive on the Eastern Front for the rest of the war. Called “Operation Citadel” its purpose was to cut off the Kursk Salient/Bulge to prevent further Soviet Offensives by (hopefully) encircling large amounts of Soviet forces in the salient/bulge. In Italy the allies have recently landed in Sicily and are attempting to push into mainland Italy, the Italian government is ever so barely lingering on the side of the Axis with an inner struggle going on. In the Pacific, the Japanese Empire has reached its zenith and is now starting to fall back.

June 21, 1944: Goetterdaemmerung
The Allies have just landed in Normandy two weeks prior and on the east the Soviet Steamroller is pushing full speed ahead sparing none mercy crushing anything and anyone in its way, Germany is not on its knees yet holding a great deal of territory and resources but its time is short. Its allies are giving up hope, their people weary of continuing the war, Italy has switched sides and now all that remains is the northern half puppet state, the Italian Social Republic headed by Il Duce, Mussolini. In the Pacific, the United States is slowly approaching Mainland Japan as the war situation free falls for Japan.

December 16, 1944: Kamp fur das Vaterland
The German Reich is being pushed back heavily from all directions, the Allies in the West took back all of France, and Belgium, and are now dangerously close to breaking through and infiltrating the heart of the Reich itself, in the east the Russians are still quite a way behind the Oder River but the front has extended greatly and our ally Romania has surrendered with Hungary dangerously close. Italy is at a standstill and in Asia, the situation for Japan is not getting any better with the United States invading the Philippines and the Japanese Navy being a shell of its former past.

March 20, 1945: Endsieg
Aided by air blows which paralyzed communications throughout the length and breadth of Germany, the Allied Armies have surged across the Cologne Plain. To the south, other forces drove eastward through the rugged Eifel along the Moselle River. Dashing to seize a usable bridge overlooked by the enemy, United States troops crossed the broad river at Remagen. In the Saar, a coordinated offensive was launched to destroy the remaining German forces west of the Rhine. The Russian Bear is pushing without anyone being able to stop them.nn The war is coming to a close but Germany is far from surrendering with Goebbels reportedly saying that “Endsieg is near” on the radio”.

Endsieg features a variety of things besides the scenarios to give more depth and more accuracy to the game.

Reworked AI:
AI has been reworked to the greatest extent, we do not promise amazing AI, we just tried to fix it up as much as we could, the rest is up to the developers.

Historical Accuracy:
Endsieg adds two new types of equipment, Rations and Fuel. Rations are needed for soldiers in addition to weapons to keep them at full strength and for this you need the grain resource, whilst Armored Vehicles require the Fuel resource which is made with1 Oil, this is more realistic essentially and will more clearly represent the German struggle with Fuel at times.

A New Tech Tree
Made Primarily for the 1918 scenario we also added some more things in general to the Tech Tree to add more flavour to the game and we will be continuously producing and adding more content to the tech tree with time, feel free to give suggestions if you would like to see something added!

Because Endsieg adds more provinces, a new tech tree, amongst many other things it will most likely not be compatible with many mods that rework such areas. Mods that are compatible without a doubt however will be that of gfx.

We are currently working on majorly expanding WW1 and interwar. Do note that the current developers all go to University and do not have a lot of time on their hands. I would also like to expand on the scenarios, I know people have asked for a 1945 March scenario or something like that with the battle of Berlin, others have asked for 1942 Scenario. I will be adding scenarios with time.

Future Scenarios:
These scenarios are planned for the future, in decreasing order of importance:

1919: The Red Scare
1942: Stalingrad
1947/8: Postwar, alternative German victory scenario
1916: Somme

Tech Tree:
We plan to expand the tech tree slowly to include a variety of news technologies to add more depth to the game. Currently the tech tree (thanks to the fellows @RT56) expands until 1956 for most technologies, so this should allow for a long period of gameplay.

Minors Depth:
We eventually want to expand on minor nations such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland, Yugoslavia, etc and make them more unique nations with events of their own and ministers.

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