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Hearts of Iron IV: Franco-Polish Alliance
Download this Franco-Polish Alliance mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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7 Oct 2020

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This mod adds Franco-Polish Alliance to the Game.

Originally a very simple mod that added guarantees of independence between France and Poland. This simulated the Franco-Polish Alliance that had existed since 1921. If you are not aware of how guarantees work, if you and another country guarantee eachother you cannot actually break that guarantee. To solve this (should you so desire to end the alliance) there is a decision to do so that is only available to the player. The exchange of guarantees acts like a defencive alliance between the respective countries, and only works if the other is attacked directly (Germany invading Czechoslovakia and France getting called into the war will not call Poland in.)

France now guarantees the independence of Belgium and Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom guarantees the independence of Belgium.

Through added decisions, you are be able to strengthen your government and eventually remove the Disjointed Government modifier. This will allow you to form the Entente Alliance, thus permitting you to invite the members of the Little Entente (Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and Romania), Poland, Belgium, and Luxembourg to the faction and taking a hard stance against foreign aggression within Europe.

I intend to develop this even further to make France more interesting to play as, maybe working on altering the focus tree and expanding on the decisions available as well as depicting real-world agreements like the Little Entente between Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Romania. Leave any suggestions if you’d like.

Should be compatable with most mods. The guarantees are added via event at the start of the game (so they may take a day or two to show up), and the decisions to form the French-Entente Alliance are handled entirely by new files. Should work even with mods that give France a new focus tree, however it may be strange seeing my decisions in your decision list along with those of other mods.

It won’t be compatible with mods that use different tags for France/Poland or just removes the country entirely – it shouldn’t cause you any issues if you accidentally leave this mod on while playing such a mod though.

Contact me if you find any mods that do not work with this one.

I have a Discord server if you want to join:

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