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Hearts of Iron IV: Historical Speeches & Songs Decisions
Download this Historical Speeches & Songs Decisions mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

This mod adds Historical Speeches & Songs Decisions to the Game.

Authors description: Historical Speeches & Songs Decisions

1. IntroductionFour speeches and songs examples on our youtube channel.

This mod features historical speeches and songs available through DECISIONS from 1936 to 1945 for the following countries: France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, People’s Republic of China, Poland, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, USSR.

Those decisions have no effect whatsoever on gameplay and have no cost.

Executing a decision triggers an audio file that plays in game. The duration of most speeches is between 1 and 3 minutes. Their duration appears in their title in game.

Subtitles in english for all speeches and songs are given in tooltips.

Decisions become visible and available under scripted conditions (designed to match as closely as possible historicity and authenticity). Note: if you diverge from the historical path, some speeches and songs may not be available.

Currently, the mod features more than 3 hours of audio and more than 70 different decisions. Furthers extensions are planned.

In order to keep an element of surprise in game, we do not recommend reading the detailed list of available speeches and songs. If you want to know nonetheless, have a look below.

The idea behind this mod is taken from @vpl300’s “Decisions: Speeches Audio” mod. However no audio file whatsoever was taken from his mod. We started all over again. The four main differences between our mod and his are:
– in this mod the decisions do not influence the gameplay in any way (the speeches have no effects and do not cost any political power): they’re just for immersion;
– our speeches are noticeably longer (and the texts are better in our humble opinion);
– this mod includes musics and songs.
– a different UI design.

A known non-intended effect in multiplayer sessions is that a file triggered by a player will he heard by all players. Currently, we are unable to threat this issue.

All speeches are clean from racist or anti-semitic references. They are featured for historical purposes only.

2. Mod’s architectureThe files are divided into 2 categories:
MAJOR speeches and songs, available for all nations.MINOR speeches and songs, available only for the nation you’re currently playing (or for a very limited number of nations).

►Consequently, two different categories appear in game:
NATIONAL speeches and songs (corresponding to the nation you’re currently playing). Speeches are available for 40 days and can be triggered once, while songs are available permanently and can be triggered as many times as you want. (Once triggered, they appear during 40 days so you have time to read the subtitles if you want to.)FOREIGN speeches and songs (corresponding to all other nations). Foreign speeches are available once for 40 days and foreign songs can be triggered once. A little flag before the titles shows the origin of the speech or song.

Some speeches come with music (in which case their title appears with the mention (with music) ).

3. Recommended settings♫ Audio settings:
Lower the music to 25%.
For songs and speeches with music, pause the music.

Don’t trigger speeches or songs more than once or they will stack and become inaudible.

4. List of speeches and songsSee the dedicated page below (in the discussion).

5. Current version, compatibility and supported languagesCurrent version: 1.0
✓ Compatible with 1.7
✓ Works also without DLC
✓ Supported languages: English, French, Polish, German, Russian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese.× NOT IRONMAN COMPATIBLE
× Known incompatibilities:
– overhaul mods like Millenium Dawn, Expert AI, Road to 56…
– other speeches mod (like “Decisions: Speeches Audio”).
– you should avoid mods that change national focuses, except for @Scotvince’s “Historical National Focuses Dates”:
We recommend starting the game in 1936 in order to enjoy all speeches and songs. If you start in 1939 nonetheless, you will miss a lot of speeches.

To enjoy the mod fully, it’s better to activate historical national focus.

6. FAQSee the dedicated page below (in the discussion).

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Enjoy immersion in game!

For more historical mods, check out our mods here :
Historical National Focus Dates:
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We’d like to thank:
– @LoupVert [11RDP] for his help for several bug fixes.

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