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Hearts of Iron IV: Integrate Puppet Commanders
Download this Integrate Puppet Commanders mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

29 Nov 2021

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Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory

This mod adds Integrate Puppet Commanders to the Game.

Authors description: Integrate Puppet Commanders

This adds a simple decision to acquire the commanders of integrated puppets, allowing you to keep them in the game should you choose to annex a puppet, just like how china can integrate the commanders and armies of the warlords, or how Britain acquires French commanders in the event of the Franco-British Union.

Upon integration you get a minor org penalty (-5%) for 180 days to reflect difficulties for new commanders to adapt to a new system, and to overcome possible language barriers integration may present. After 180 days, you can integrate a puppets commanders again, acquiring commanders newly recruited by your puppets

As well as recruiting puppet commanders via decision, a one-time event fires if you integrate a puppet whose commanders you have not integrated, allowing you to get them last-minute. if you turn them down however, they will not re-appear unless their home nation is released once more as a puppet.

Works with any combination of puppet/master country, and should be compatibile with any other mods

For unique commanders only variant, go here:

For a version that works with Kaiserreich, go here:

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