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Hearts of Iron IV: Italy Expanded
Download this Italy Expanded mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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24 Jun 2022

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This mod adds Italy Expanded to the Game.

Authors description: Italy Expanded

Hello and first of all thank you for taking the time to look at my mod. Being my first true mod it may not be of the best standard but if you enjoy it that’s good enough. It aims to expand the quite limited Italian national focus tree and make it more expansive for the player. In future, I will also be aiming to add an alternate history focus tree.

This mod can follow a historical focus order with only minor adjustments from the vanilla Italian focus tree.

Update: Russian localisation has now been added.

Added an idea Divergent Aircraft Production that increases the research time for all Italian aircraft to represent the reliance on biplanes. Added a synthetic resource concern, AGIP which can be unlocked by prospected oil in Libya. Added another ship designer available for Italy – Ansaldo as an Atlantic Fleet Designer.
Focus Changes
Expanded Industry Branch to include tech bonuses for Nukes and Rocketry with Gaetano Crocco . Expanded Fortification Branch for alpine forts against Germany as well as coastal forts for the colonies. Expanded Colonial Development branch for directed mostly at Libya with the possibility of integrating them. Also allows for developing the new colony of Ethiopia. Changes Special Forces focus to increase the Italian Special forces Cap by 5.00% representing their expansive use of paratroopers, mountaineers and frogmen. Adds a Unified Aircraft Development focus to remove the air research debuff. Adds a naval innovations focus to represent German aid in Radar technology to Italy. Changes Befriend [Country] focuses to unlock decisions to invite them to the Italian faction if created. Adds a develop Spain focus to the Invite Spain to faction tree to give them better footing as an ally. Rearrangement and changes of some focuses and their effects to be more historical. Changes the Claims on France focus so that it doesn’t require Vichy France to have both Savoy and Corsica to fire. (Thus letting Italy gain Corsica if it owns Savoy or vice versa, it will still work normally even without Italy being able to secure both states.) Adds and modifies localisation for all new and changed focuses in as close to vanilla language as possible for people who want to stay immersed.

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