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Hearts of Iron IV: L’Italia Chiamò – Italian Focus Rework
Download this L'Italia Chiamò - Italian Focus Rework mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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20 Mar 2019

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This mod adds L’Italia Chiamò – Italian Focus Rework to the Game.

Update: HOI4 has become a dead game for me, so I’m really uninspired to update this mod post-Man the Guns. The DLC killed any interest I had in the game. Sorry if you enjoyed this mod, I’m very much flattered by the positive feedback it has received since I made it, so we’ll see if I get back into HOI at some point. Until then, if you’d like to update the mod, feel free to do so, just tell me if you wish to do so.

Thank you for 8000 subs!

Ever thought that the Italian focus tree was lacking? Ever wanted to change this, without fetishism of old, dead empires? This mod may be for you!

L’Italia attempts to rework the lacking vanilla focus tree ofthe Kingdom of Italy, adding some challenge, but still keeping the game fun and balanced.

This mod has five main tenents:
– Historicity
– Depth
– Balance
– No fetishism of old, dead empires
– Fun

– A large, in-depth focus tree
– Alt-history paths for democracy and communism
– 3 new generals, bringing the total Italian pool of generals up to 8

Most recent update:
Monarchist route to install Victor Emmanuel has finally been added.

How the monarchist route works

Less revealing:
An event will fire in 1938 that determines wether or not Mussolini’s authority has been challenged.

More revealing:
In 1938, there will be a chance of Mussolini establishing himself as Marshal of the Empire, and a lesser chance of him being unable to do this. This latter outcome is the outcome that will determine whether or not the monarchist route is available. If this chance is not for you, and you’re not afraid of the console, typing “event italyfocus.42” without quotations will unlock the route.


30/01/2019 @ 20:32

– More options for lessening impact of debuffs
– Even more options for lessening impact of debuffs
– Neutrality alt-history route

Your Suggestions
– Monarchist route

– Add subjugation events to puppet focuses
– Debuff the Hic Manebimus Optime idea
– Add a way to reform the Italian military
– Change political power focuses to be more interesting

This mod is built to be as compatible as I knew how to make it. Unfortunately, I could not find a way to optimise cosmetic tags for compatibility. As such, it is likely that any mods using cosmetic tags will not be compatible with this mod. My apologies.

I appreciate any suggestions you can give me. I can’t playtest every detail of the mod, so getting feedback from a proper playthough helps immensely. Feel free to give me any suggestions in the comments and help me improve this mod!

Please report any bugs or issues so I can fix them!

Known bugs
– The focus to add Spain to a new faction is currently not working. Use the command “yesman” to add Spain to the created faction until a fix is released. Still working on a fix, the bug is very stubborn

Enjoy the mod!


How can I remove the Military Incompetence national spirit?
– You can remove it multiple ways. The easiest is to join a faction with the Germans, Soviets, or British, which nullifies it, but it can be removed through focuses that total 210-420 days, depending on how many factories you have.

Status of Development

I have, at last, achieved all I want to achieve with this mod, and I will be beginning development on another focus overhaul. I will still try and respond to queries, especially regarding bugs, and fix them. Enjoy!

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