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Hearts of Iron IV: Millenium Dawn: Expanded Technology Reloaded [CLASSIC]
Download this Millenium Dawn: Expanded Technology Reloaded [CLASSIC] mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

22 Jan 2019

File size:

33.301 MB

Requires Mods:

Millennium Dawn Classic (1.7) - Reupload

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This mod adds Millenium Dawn: Expanded Technology Reloaded [CLASSIC] to the Game.

Mod no longer works will the new MD, Use with Classic MD
Future research has been released. Combat mech has been moved to future research tree. Shielding research is also now in engineering tech tree


This submod for Millenium Dawn aims to expand on Millenium Dawn’s tech tree, especially the Industry and Engineering Tech Tree.
It expands the support, engineering and industry techtree.
Furthermore, it combines the Millenium Dawn Technology Expansion mod, the Beautiful Techtree Mod and the A Millennium Dawn Submod: Arsenal Mod

Expanded Industry TechtreeExpanded Engineering TechtreeExpanded Support TechtreeFuture research treeCarrier Capable Multirole FightersNew Attack and Utility HelicoptersNew Air TransportsNew Combat Mech UnitsAdds 1 to 2 research slots to every country to account for the increase in technologies
Compatible with cosmetic modsCompatible with gameplay modsCompatible with most flavor/focus modsNot Compatible with any mod that changes Infantry, Armor, Artillery, Naval Tech, Air Tech, Engineering and Industry Techtrees
Future Plans
Finish Industry TechtreeFinish Engineering TechtreeFinish Support TechtreeIntegrate future and shielding technology from the Millenium Dawn Technology Expansion modExpand Naval Tech TreeExpand Doctrine TreesBalanceAdd icons and descriptions to technologies
Want to work with me?

I’m desperately looking for people to help with my graphics and localisation (technology names and descriptions). Also would appreciate someone helping me work on technology.


Walmart – Original Author
Karaskhiy – GFX
kom – Localisation
Many thanks to the authors of the mods that have been implemented into this submod


I’ve played two 20 year games so far and haven’t found any major errors but I can’t do quality QA simply by myself. I do understand and apologize for any crashes midgame (though I haven’t experienced any of that), but please put any errors/bugs/crashes in the Bugs discussion forum or down in the comments below

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