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Hearts of Iron IV: ModifierGUI
Download this ModifierGUI mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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23 Jun 2022

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6.84 MB

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This mod adds ModifierGUI to the Game.

Authors description: ModifierGUI

A cheat mod with which you can set a modifier.

Enter the menu by pressing the small draggable button on the right side of the screen.

for obvious reasons, it isn’t achievement compatible.
I haven’t tested whether it works fine in multiplayer. I predict that there’s going to be issues when multiple players play the same nation.

Feel free to ask questions. Feedback is welcome.

Translations:日本語 / Japanese:
中文 / Chinese:
Note that these are unofficial.

FAQ: Q. Does this work with 1.9.*?
A. Yes, with a few possible minor bugs.

Q. Update, please?
A. I try to keep the mod up-to-date, but people have had issues with updating the mod. The solution that seems to work for now is:
1. Unsubscribe from this mod
2. Open and then close HoI4 launcher
3. Resubscribe.

Q. Does the AI have access to this?
A. No.

Q. Is this compatible with X?
A. Most likely, yes, as long as it’s not an overhaul. Everything the mod uses is prefixed with “modifiergui_” so conflicts should be non-existent.

Q. Does this work with overhauls, though?
A. It could. The current state of the new launcher doesn’t seem to allow for specifying mod loading order, and overhauls are generally set to overwrite anything that was loaded before them. While compatibility isn’t the issue, the order in which the mods are loaded is.

Q. Can you add an effect that makes research slots, spawns divisions, etc.
A. This is ModifierGUI. I will only add modifiers. Get Toolpack for effects.

Q. Is this specific modifier in the game?
A. I hope to include some sort of reference to all the modifiers in the mod. Until then, ask me and i’ll either direct you to where it is in the mod or add it in.

Actually, there’s a way to get this to work with an overhaul mod.But it’s a bit technical and requires moving mod files. I’ll try to be clear with the steps, but if you dont understand, ask in the comments.

1. subscribe to this mod, and whatever overhaul mod you may want to add this to. Let them download.

2. find the mod files of modifierGUI. Assuming that you can navigate to the steamapps folder, the directory for modifierGUI is:
The folder for the overhaul should be in the same “394360” directory. You can figure out the folder name for the overhaul mod by going to the workshop page and looking at the “if=#####…” part of the URL.
Open the overhaul mod’s folder as well, preferably in another window.

3. Copy the the folders and their contents of modifierGUI to the overhaul mod’s folder. Do not copy the files directly in the mod’s folder, especially the descriptor.mod file.
Alternatively (and preferably), you can make a local mod using the Launcher, and first copy the overhaul’s folders into it, and then the modifierGUI folders. Local mods are in:
(User Directory)/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/mod/

There’s some downsides to this, mainly:
1. If you copied modifierGUI folders to the overhaul folder, then it is likely that modifierGUI folders will be deleted when the overhaul mod is updated.
2. If you copied overhaul folders and modifierGUI folders to a local mod, those won’t update with the workshop.

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