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Kenshi: Let’s Talk
Download this Let's Talk mod for Kenshi and train your people - turn frail victims into master warriors. Take your wounded comrades out of the battle so that they all return home alive.
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20 Jan 2019

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This mod adds Let’s Talk to the Game. Learn and produce new equipment. Buy and improve your own buildings. Help different world factions, or fight them. Train your people – turn frail victims into master warriors. Take your wounded comrades out of the battle so that they all return home alive.

Authors description: Let’s Talk

Did you know that Kenshi gets quieter as time goes on? That is because so many dialogues are only ever spoken once!

Now everyone can waste time speaking about the same things over and over again like real life! The Dried Gristle Flaps. The singing. And various other.

I pretty much just set bunch of dialogue from ‘only once’ to repeatable every week or so. Bar dialogues also trigger more often.

Tips for having a lively squad:
1. Travel! Many dialogues are triggered by entering new biome, especially strange and unique biomes.
2. Visit bars! That’s where people talks.
3. Do stuff! By that I meant do big stuff like hunting legends and carrying them around.

And obviously, unique recruits have unique lines. Following unique recruits are some which I found unique lines in the FCS.

Uniques with many dialogues:
– Agnu the broken soldier bot. Beep’s best friend
– Bard the wandering bard? Occasionally sings, or fails to sing.
– Beep BEEP IS THE STRONGEST WARRIOR! found in Mongrel
– Bo the famous anti slaver ninja. Has a special dialogue with anti slaver and has own dialogue package.
– Crumblejon the old man. He was a famous samurai working for UC.
– Digna the Flotsam Ninja who killed her own father to get away from HN.
– Doctor Chung the swamp surgeon. Has lots of dialogues with healing. Doesn’t provide surgery service though.
– Ells the rum thief. I’ve found her quite endearing.
– Espher depressed hiver prisoner of Tengu’s Vault.
– Griffin the ex-sentinel. Add some light of Okran to your squad. Some people really hate sentinels though.
– Hamut has vendetta against slavers but was rejected by anti-slaver for being more angry at slavery than anti-slaver…
– Headshot the Shek marksmen. Thinks he is somekind of a badass.
– Hobbs has some tall tales.
– Luquin the legendary noble hunter. Has a few dialogues in UC.
– Miu, ex-slave who escaped to the swamp with Ned. Has some interaction with Hamut. (I ship them) Hate spiders with passion.
– Pia, runner with dead Flotsam Ninja sister.
– Sadneil, even more depressed than your average skeleton.

Uniques with dialogues:
– Burn has just one unique dialogue on entering Deadland. Otherwise Burn jusr use standard skeleton dialogue. Just being skeleton already have a lot of ‘interesting’ dialogues though.
– Green has just one unique dialogue about thanking for getting out of swamp. Otherwise all his dialogues can be spoken by others.
– Horse has some unique dialoges for entering some biome.
– Lumi the crab lady has special dialogue when seeing crab and on entering Fish Island.
– Ray, the mute soldier drone. Has exactly two unique dialoge. One is *nod* after defeating enemies. Another is ! when seeing animal eating farm crops… Well… he’s mute.
– Reva, Flotsam Ninja who distrust men. Her only exclusive unique line is when she argue with Griffin on the comment on UC. Other special lines of her can be spoken by Digna.
– Ruka, the unhorned warrior. Has a couple unique interjection in Shek dialogue. Also has an interaction with Headshot.
– Shryke, the tech hunter, has a few dialogue for entering some places. Only a few though.

No dialogue uniques:
– Cat the dust king’s prisoner has SUNDEMON dialogue package which is rare, but doesn’t have unique lines.
– Chad, only standard package.
– Kang, only standard package.
– Infinite Wingwang… That’s right, despite having high stats and one of the most unique recruit dialogue… he has 0 dialogue after that. He doesn’t even have normal dialogue package!
– Izumi. While she has a few special dialogue references. Not a single line was exclusively hers. Most ‘unique’ line of her is shared with Pia…
– Jewel has only one special dialogue reference which can be spoken by other uniques.
– Knife has Flotsam Ninja dialogue package which is rare. Though she has no exclusive line. Digna can speak all of her lines.
– Oron, only standard package.
– Rane the Giant, only standard package.
– Riddly, has only one special dialogue that can be spoken by many other uniques.
– Seto, surprisingly, the daugther of Esata has no special dialogue. Though there are a few special dialogue for when you kidnap her.
– Silvershade, only standard package.
– Sinklyde, has only a few lines when first escaping the vault ten that’s it. He use regular THUG dialogue package.
– Soman, only standard package.
– Stubs Monmuso, only standard package plus a few dialogues on swamp which can be spoken by other swamp recruits.
– Yamdu, only standard package.

If you found any weird dialogue or any suggestion, put it in the comment below!.

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