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Ravenfield: Command and Conquer Mammoth Mk.I X-66 Tank
Download this Command and Conquer Mammoth Mk.I X-66 Tank Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.




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Removed because of the copyright claim

This mod adds Command and Conquer Mammoth Mk.I X-66 Tank to Ravenfield

Someone asked me to make a heavy tank, like a KV-2…I responded “SO YOU WANT A HEAVY TANK, EH? WELL YOU’RE GONNA REGRET ASKING THIS”

he did

OK so: 3 variants for this Command and Conquer Mammoth Mk.I tank: a green normal version (for the ATDF because I roleplay modding with these guys), a tan GDI one with the OST Act on Instinct from the original Command and Conquer, and a red Soviet one from the original Red alert

Origin: the Mammoth tank was developped on stalin’s order as a heavy weapon vehicle for the battle/conquest of europe
later on, it was used by the GDI, under the ID X-66, when Russia joined them, to fight the Nod

for the ATDF: This superheavy tank, the ATX-66 was developped as a new ordnance of firepower as a main frontline vehicle by the 42nd division (formerly battalion), and the S.A.D, due to newer thot heavy tanks rendering most of the ATDF armour useless. This is why this vehicle was developped, with twin 160mm railcannons and wire guided missile pods

ok, so overall I feel there is an annoying thing with the turret rotation, and I’m searching on how to fix it.
I felt obligated to make the iconic Mammoth Tank, a slumbering beast with dual heavy cannons for anti tank and missile pods for anti air and anti infantry (because machine guns are overrated)
single seat, twin heavy ordnance cannons (120mm in the c&c lore), and wire-guided missiles

due to this tank’s size, I can’t promise it’ll spawn on all maps
can replace any land vehicle, to recreate the feel of the Mammoth rushs in c&c and c&c:ra

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Game Junkie
  • 27.02.2018 at 07:49

    how to luch missle

    • Eliphaser
      28.02.2018 at 16:56

      scroll wheel to switch weapon (and I hope you got the game legally too)

  • Eliphaser
    28.02.2018 at 16:55

    as the mod make, I ask that NONE OF MY MODS be put as diect download without my consent
    I’d like that someone at least ask me (even if I’d say no)
    I saw you removed the direct download for my T-34 and thank you for this, however I still would prefer to be asked about it, and not just see them pop here

    • Game Junkie
      28.02.2018 at 17:22

      Hello, Eliphaser. We removed direct link to your mod. I’ll try to prevent publishing of any of your mods here with direct links.

      But sometimes mods are published here by different people, so if you will find your mods again, please let me know and links to your mods will be removed quickly.

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