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Ravenfield: (Project Altirus) CzS.1
Download this (Project Altirus) CzS.1 Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.

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1 Jul 2018

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This mod adds (Project Altirus) CzS.1 to Ravenfield.

In the years preceding the invasion by Chergaria, Syrvanian armored doctrine had yet to find its footing, and was largely limited by how many different types of vehicles Syrvanian industry could produce and support. While the CzS moniker was adopted for use by medium tanks, some in Motor Arms branch still advocated classifying tanks by role instead of weight. The CzS.1 and CzS.2 would serve to compare and contrast these philosophies: The former would be a heavier vehicle, intended for infantry support and breakthroughs, complimenting the light tanks’ exploitative capabilities, while the latter would be a lighter, more versatile vehicle. The invasion by Chergaria would postpone production of the CzS.2 until 526, while the CzS.1 was placed into reserves, being too lightly armored to withstand Chergarian AT weapons, and too slow to play a role in maneuvers. A handful would later see action in Hetland, attached to infantry and motorized divisions, typically forming the rearguard of the invasion which followed the more mobile armored troops.

While the CzL.2 light tank is a high-speed exploitation vehicle, the CzS.1 is purely for supporting infantry advances, having a top speed just a bit slower than the average sprint. While it has some decent anti-tank capability, its main specialty is in its high explosive rounds, and two machine gun turrets in addition to the coaxial machine gun in the main turret.

Features include:
– Custom sounds
– Driver can use high-explosive shells, armor-piercing shells, or coaxial machine-gun
– Tank cannot be damaged by HE shells (but can be killed by AP)
– Two remote turrets operable by bots or the player
– Custom gunner sight and reticle

Tags: Tank, multi-turret, medium

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