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Ravenfield: (Project Altirus) Hettic Turrets
Download this (Project Altirus) Hettic Turrets Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.


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This mod adds (Project Altirus) Hettic Turrets to Ravenfield.

Emplaced weapons as seen in Breach at Kitter Moer, belonging to the Hettic Home Army. These include the Veerwell Model-498 heavy machine gun, and the RF 25-I anti-tank gun. They can replace their vanilla counterparts, the HMG and the TOW, but – being balanced for Project Altirus – they may prove disappointing outside their home mod.

Veerwell Model-498
Manufacturer: Chergaria; Veerwell Armaments
Type: Water-Cooled Machine Gun
Caliber: 7.75mm

While machine guns had been in wide use by the late 5th century, Ernst Veerwell’s line of guns was among the most popular in Altirus. While the Model-498 has long since been surpassed by more advanced weapons, the vast numbers of these guns built have made them – and the spare parts to keep them working – widely available.

Imperial RF 25-I
Manufacturer: Bressia; Imperial Arsenal
Type: Anti-tank gun
Caliber: 25mm

The Rapiete-Feureg (rapid-firing) 25mm Model 1, or RF 25-I, has earned a reputation among many nations of the Westenlands as “The Equalizer”. This Bressian anti-tank gun came along shortly after the dawn of armored warfare, having been developed from a conventional artillery-piece during the Third Spat, and nearly caused Chergaria to rethink the concept of tanks. Its ease of manufacture, high rate of fire, and potent armor-piercing ammunition, makes the 25-I a formidable anti-tank weapon in the hands of any armed force. Any nation who underestimates it on the basis of its age, and its lack of effective HE ammunition, does so at its own risk. Against newer, heavier vehicles, however, its age begins to show.

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  • Fenn Fett
    07.07.2018 at 03:13

    Thank you so much for bringing the Project Altirus mods to the page!
    But I see that you have not brought the map…. welp i will wait for it!

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