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Ravenfield: (Project Altirus) Hettic Vehicles Standalone Pack
Download this (Project Altirus) Hettic Vehicles Standalone Pack Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.

13 Jan 2018

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This mod adds (Project Altirus) Hettic Vehicles Standalone Pack to Ravenfield.

In the early 6th century, Hetland’s main area of focus was on modernizing its infrastructure, and improving the lives of its citizens. That, combined with the significant portion of the nation’s treasury appropriated by Hetland’s aristocracy, meant that the military received little attention until just before the outbreak of war. Hetland’s arms industry is nigh-on non-existent, meaning that the Home Army is issued with whatever equipment is affordable and available. However, as the war with the west escalates, new and more advanced arms from the Sovereigns League have been trickling in.

This is a collection of Hettic vehicles and turrets for use in other maps which allow vehicle replacements. Vehicles for future maps will be added as they are finished.

This includes a standalone of the Aedental class frigate. Since it’s fairly large, expect problems spawning it into most maps. But you asked for it so I provided.

Land Vehicles

Truck, ZAV 2-Ton
One of Altirus’s oldest workhorses. Still gets the job done, mostly. Also includes a version with a mounted Veerwell machine gun, and a flatbed variant with a 37mm anti-tank gun.

Cavalry Vehicle, Amsel Mk I
Fast, light vehicle armed with twin machine-guns. Good for exploitative maneuvers, not so good against tanks.

Tank Destroyer, Tába
Built by the Hetts in the Tába agricultural machine works, converted from the Amsel Mk I. Trades the original’s potent anti-infantry loadout for an RF 37-I anti-tank gun.

Infantry Tank, DeRiss SP-16
A rolling gun-nest designed for supporting infantry, especially in close quarters environments. Fairly heavily armored, but lacks anti-tank weaponry.

Infantry Tank, Mathis Mk I
A reputable tank, more than a match for enemy armor, as well as infantry or fortifications.

Armored Scout Car, Cein M-5
Fast and resistant to small-arms fire. Also sports an 8mm Lewin Gun and two passenger seats.

Battalion Tank, Laansbreig II
Super-heavy tank sporting an anti-tank gun in the central turret, plus three machine gun turrets and a frontal casemate-mounted howitzer. Can take a pounding, but is slow and hard to miss.


Veerwell Model 498 Machine Gun
An old heavy machine gun that still sees fairly widespread service. Water-cooled, allowing it to keep firing until it needs to reload.

Anti-Tank Gun, RF 37-I
An effective and accessible anti-tank gun capable of easily defeating light armor.

Anti-Air Gun, RF 32-II
Purchased from Bressia and deployed by Hetland in large numbers to prepare against aerial attack.

Dual Purpose Gun, DB 127-II
Bressian 127mm naval gun devised for anti-air and anti-tank work. Not the most portable system, but found in places where the defenders mean to stay. Useful against tanks and high-altitude targets alike.

Howitzer GFH 152-II
Bressian artillery piece capable of delivering devastating high-explosive rounds in a direct or indirect-fire role. Less of the latter in the case of Ravenfield, since you don’t really get ranges that would necessitate indirect fire, but you get the idea.


Fighter, Adler AF-3
Not the most maneuverable, but high speed and heavy armament make the AF-3 effective for “boom and zoom”, particularly in taking down enemy bombers.


Frigate, Aedentel class
Mass-produceable escort made to cover Bressia’s thinly-strewn oceangoing supply lines. Comes with significant anti-aircraft armament. Might not fit well into most maps.

Motor Gunboat, SB-10
Fast patrol and support craft for brown-water operations. Includes a 57mm deck gun, two medium machine guns, and a 150mm mortar.

Assault Boat
Humble little boat with an outboard motor. Functionally identical to the vanilla RHIB.

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