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Ravenfield: SPAD XII
Download this SPAD XII Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.

31 Oct 2018

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This mod adds SPAD XII to Ravenfield.

Quick notes: it may have been just my intuition, but I felt as if this mod was not 100% up to par whilst making it, so please excuse any quality issues. Also, an apology to the person who requested the K-Wagen – rotation issues with the turrets made tweaking the mod a bit frustrating, so I decided to leave it for a bit. Finally, I also apologise for my short radio silence.

A plane loved by some for its powerful armament, and hated by the rest for the detriments that arose due to the weight (and other factors) of said armament, the SPAD XII (12) was a French, single-seat biplane introduced in 1917, developed by Société pour l’aviation et ses dérivés (SPAD). The fighter’s most unique trait was its armament: a single Vickers .303 machine gun mounted on top of the fuselage (not unlike other planes of its era) and a 37mm Puteaux SA 18 cannon firing through the propeller hub – the loading mechanism protruding into the cockpit. Unfortunately for the pilot, the cannon had to be manually reloaded whilst they were in the cockpit.

FeaturesOne forward-facing Vickers .303 machine gun, angled slightly so fire is concentrated closer to the centre.One forward-facing Puteaux SA 18 37mm cannon.Some custom sounds (most of them from War Thunder).
Known IssuesThe vehicle is visible through the fog.

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