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Ravenfield: The Stakeout
Download this The Stakeout Mod for Ravenfield and fight together with your Blue allies! Take down those pesky Reds using helicopters, tanks, guns, and active ragdoll physics.

11 Jun 2018

File size:

7.877 MB

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Removed because of the copyright claim

This mod adds The Stakeout to Ravenfield.

Recommended Bot Size: 50-90
For those annoyed by explosive spams, turn off your rocket launchers/explosives. Grenades can still be used in the map.
Respawn time can be anywhere from 5-10 seconds.

As the war with the Ravens continued, there were rumours of Raven soldiers patrolling around an abandoned apartment complex inside an Eagle-controlled city. In an effort to lessen the panic from the rumours, Eagle soldiers were sent to the rumoured district on a stake-out.

The Ravens were setting up a massive warehouse inside the complex, filled with weapons, and weaponized to the point where heavy machine gun nests were set up inside. Unfortunately, due to the large size of the Raven forces, the Eagles on site weren’t able to neutralize the growing threat.

As a result, the Eagles conducted weekly stake-outs, until finally, one day, a large shipment of small-arms and kevlar vests were shipped in.

And then they made their strike.

Strike the Ravens down as the Eagle team! With vantage points available both high and underground!


Defend the safehouse for as long as possible as the Ravens! Fend off the attacking Eagles and try to capture their roadblock to secure the area!

1. 2 me_irl laptops
2. A more polished underground network
3. A very polished map
4. A few civilians and an arms dealer which you can’t access lol
and last but not the least
5. Urban Combat with a bit of CQC into it!

Known Issues:
1. Bots can peek out of walls [1st priority]
2. Explosive spam can break the balance of the match 🙁

To be Added:
1. Generators in the basement/debris/whatever is sewer appropriate
2. Better lighting
3. removal of unused objects
4. thicker walls for the raven apartment
5. more screenshots
6. overall more details both in and out of the playable area
7. a non-out of place block that prevents players from exiting the map

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