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Helicopters guide: How To Fly Helicopters in Brick Rigs
In Brick Rigs, Helicopters come in all shapes, sizes, weights, and Functions. If you wish to fly a helicopter, you'll have to practice with the right one.

In Brick Rigs, Helicopters come in all shapes, sizes, weights, and Functions. If you wish to fly a helicopter, you’ll have to practice with the right one (excuse my Texan wordin’)

As you know there are many helicopters on the workshop, few fly very well and look good, but the ones that do strike fear into the opponent. I have made it one of my bigger occupations to build helicopters; so if you intrested in High quality helicopters, I would be pleased if you checked out my collection.

Thank you this required alot of Improvisation on my part to build these. Now that you’ve selected a helicopter, lets get started!


Before we start flying, lets practice what you need to do before takeoff. First I’ll do a Check list.

  • Red Gear on (ALT) (Operation mode on) This will turn the engine on.
  • Pressed Y in third person veiw to Local mode (this will lock camera to certain angle of vehicle.ย If the camera is facing the wrong way, turnoff Operation mode for a second and change the angle.ย Press Y two more times to chage it back to “World” mode (or just go into first person)

Now lets get to take off.

Prepare for Takeoff (and Subsuqant flight)

No matter if your a Cargo, a Attack, Dustoff crew, or the most elite squad in the world, the most important thing is takeoff. As we left it: operation mode on, Local veiw or First person.

When you pressed alt the blades started spinning, so now use that, find a open space and try this out: Press W, that accends the helicopter at a quick rate, so be careful ,and right now try to stay at a vertical angle, now If you went too high press S, the deccends the Helicopter, also take caution.

Now To move use the mouse: Pitch (Vertical Nose angle) contrals If your moving foward or Back;ย Pitch is contraled by moving the mouse foward or Back. next is Roll, which is the Hight of the Port or Starboard sides are (Right or Left) This contrals if you want to go left or right without turning your nose; this can be contraled by moving your mouse Left to Right. Now Yaw this contrals the angle of your nose this is contraled by A and D.

Remember Flying is hard at first, just keep trying and you’ll get it (if your not making ANY progress Try and new helicopter.)


Now lets get to Guns, my custom gun contrals are usally Left mouse button for quick rate, low explosive and Pircing guns (MG, 50 cal., etc.), for High Damage explosive Weapons (Rocket pods rail guns and etc.) Press the middle mouse button.


I hope you learned a lot from this guide. Remember, it takes practice to get good at something like this. If I left anything out, or you need additional Info, I would be happy to reply to you comments. Enjoy! -Volt

Source: voltron106, Steam Community

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