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Brick Rigs: Su-25 Frogfoot
Download this Su-25 Frogfoot Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!
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18 Apr 2018

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This mod adds Su-25 Frogfoot to the Brick Rigs.

Authors description: Su-25 Frogfoot mod for Brick Rigs

Unloaded version :

The Shukoi-25 is the Russian version of the A-10 Thunderbolt.

Both excelling in the art of destroying ground targets, the Su-25 is however less armored and less powerful than its American equivalent, but also lighter and more agile.

This beefy boy carries a machine gun whose system is based off eca001’s mounted gatlings, but also rockets and cluster bombs.

Controls :

-Alt mode for regular flight controls, with a turbo mode on the throttle (hold W when the throttle is already at its maximum)
Landing gears are automatic.

-Action 1: Fire machine gun
-Action 2: Fire rockets, hold the key to burst fire them
-Action 3: Drop first pair of cluster bombs
-Action 4: Drop second pair of cluster bombs

This plane will reward you for attacking at high speed. In fact, the rockets will drop less if you fire them while moving fast and the Cluster Bomblets will spread on a further distance as well. So make every attack aggressive !

Gatling system belongs to eca001 (and nerfed by me to use only 32 canons instead of 64)
Ural 4320 belongs to bujevino.

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