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Brick Rigs: Southern Pacific GS-4
Download this Southern Pacific GS-4 Mod for Brick Rigs for free and enjoy the dynamic driving and destruction physics of Brick Rigs!
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2 Sep 2017

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This mod adds Southern Pacific GS-4 to the Brick Rigs.

Authors description: Southern Pacific GS-4 mod for Brick Rigs

OUTDATED!This build will no longer be updated.
Thanks for the huge amount of downloads this has got over the years. it means a lot so many people enjoy this train. Thank you.
The GS4, I do love this thing, In Daylight livery too, My favorite of tme all, Tho the American freedom train livery is nice too That was harder to make.
Tell me if you want me to release the stock black version too tho? I could do that.

Anyway works OK still derails at high speed, Shall look into stability at a later date.


1.1 – Added light for firebox in cab, Use beacon to light it up.

1.2 – Made rear copling one flat block higher to be compatible with the rest of my things, Added fuel tank to tender to simulate the oil load it would be carrying.

1.3 – Changes to tender to make it more stable, Also slightly re designed around the lower parts.

1.4 – Added smoke, new boosters to get it up to speed, and the biggest thing of all A setr of daylight coaches, 2 regular, a sightseer and the train rear, New screenshots show them

1.5 – Removed thrusters again, They were making it less stable, And even with a tender full of fuel it ran out too fast, Fuel gauge is not accurate on this.. Maybe because I am using thrusters and an engine? Now relys on diesel with twin compressors. (or superchargers as I say)

1.6 – Tungston wheels they seem to give more grip, Added a safety valve thing works on pitch, Facelifted front end to be more rounded and prototypical

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