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Hearts of Iron IV: Better States
Download this Better States mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

27 Feb 2020

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This mod adds Better States to the Game.

Better StatesVersion: 1.4.1State: CompleteHoI IV Version: 1.7+.*
This mod adds numerous states, impassable areas, and redefined provinces. So far it has reshaped areas such as Montenegro and Macedonia to fit their WWII era shape, as well as making the Rhineland DMZ cover the entire river. The Australian outback has been made impassable, as well as areas in Arabia, Papua New Guinea, and Malaya.

Added West Virginia, West Slovenia, and Maine. These states will add more historical state borders as well as making Italy look a bit more pleasing with Dalmatia and that western bit of Slovenia. Events have been amended to reflect this – no weird borders here!

Added new Italian States. They have also been modified for appropriate buildings, and cores/claims. Austria has claims on their land, and Slovenia + Croatia can split Istria now.

Added Eupen-Malmedy and North Schleswig to the game due to popular demand! Also edited Gibralter to be a bit smaller. Thanks for the requests!

Added Southern Switzerland, to represent more Italian settled territories. The middle east was revamped to make for more fun and strategic gameplay, and the Gobi Desert and Siberia were made impassable zones.

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