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Hearts of Iron IV: Helpful Naval Insignia
Download this Helpful Naval Insignia mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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12 Jan 2020

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This mod adds Helpful Naval Insignia to the Game.

Since Man the Guns was released I had troubles recognizing the individual task forces/fleets in the interface. The vanilla fantasy insignia are not helpful for that purpose, especially if your fleet is composed of 10 small task forces causing a lot of confusion. To better recognize the fleets and task forces in the interface, I have replaced some vanilla insignia with the following: 4 round icons which can be used as fleet insignia (I to IV) 8 small icons which can be used for the individual task forces

The vanilla naval equipment role icons are, in my opinion, suitable to also designate an entire task force’ role, such as the binocular icon for a task force which purpose is to screen/patrol for the strike fleet. I deliberately made them smaller than the original insignia to decrease clutter in the interface.

The mod contains only three files:army_icons.txt (to disable color_override for the 12 replaced icons)
The mod is IRON MAN compatible and updated for 1.7.0

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