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Hearts of Iron IV: Historical Flag Mod
Download this Historical Flag Mod mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!
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19 Aug 2020

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15.64 MB

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This mod adds Historical Flag Mod to the Game.

Authors description: Historical Flag Mod

“Warning this mod makes use of extremist political symbolism such as the Hakenkreuz as well as the Hammer and Sickle. This is purely for entertainment purposes and does not promote any political agenda”

*This mod is compatible with Ironman and multiplayer*

Here I am looking at the flags within Hearts of Iron IV thinking to myself good god what are those terrible horrors! So I decided to go through and fix them all up with historically or semi-historically accurate flags my goal is to keep it as close to history as I can, of course, some nation-states I will have to take liberties on but they will be as historical as they can be.

Moddb Version:

Current Features:
All Major Nation Flags
European Flags
African Flags
Asia-Pacific Flags
Oceania Flags (Australia and New Zealand)
North And South American Flags
New European Nations added in update 1.3.1
New Asian Nations added in update 1.3.1
New African Nations added in update 1.3.1
New Flags for most of the new formable nations
New Flags for releasable nations that fit within the time frame of the 1930s and 1940s

Planned and Upcoming Features:
Add the new nations Paradox plans to implement
Fix any mistakes made in previous uploads


Q:Why is Japan not using the rising sun flag?
A: The reason the current fascist flag is the Hinomaru (sun disk flag) is because that is what the state used until the end of WW2. The Rising Sun flag is officially the Imperial Japanese Navy and the Imperial Japanese Army’s flag with the IJA having their sun disk centred instead but was never used on a state level. For this mod, it focuses on using historical state and national flags hence why I am not using the Rising Sun Flag.

Q: I think that (insert flag here) would be good for the mod
A: If there is no state flag available for usage, the one you have shared fits and you can briefly justify the usage of it, I will consider it for use.

Q: I want to use incorporate your mod into the one I am working on is that ok?
A: Absolutely, just make sure you credit me


Regicollis: Swiss Monarchy Coat of Arms

MyLittleTripod: Communist France Flag

Bezbojnicul: Communist Arabia flag

linkeagleandzen: Communist Israel Flag

YuriKenobi: Communist Austria-Hungary Flag

The unified european empire: Fascist Britain Flag

Martin23230: Communist India Flag

Hellerick: Holy Roman Empire Communist Coat of Arms

DragutRais: Communist Ottoman flag

JohnnyFestung: Flag ideas and Concepts

FoulCoke: Communist Prussia Flag

Wikipedia: Flags and information

worldstatesmen: Flags and information

Historical Flags of Our Ancestors: Flags and information

thelevelian AKA Flags of the Far Right RIP: Flags and information

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