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Hearts of Iron IV: Kaiserreich Submod – Trotsky’s Antarctica
Download this Kaiserreich Submod - Trotsky's Antarctica mod for Hearts of Iron IV and lead your nation to victory and prosperity in the Second World War! Put your enemies on their back!

30 Jun 2019

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This mod adds Kaiserreich Submod – Trotsky’s Antarctica to the Game.

“What if Trotsky had fled to Antarctica?”
I am proud to present this submod for Kaiserreich. Kaiserreich can be found here:

Trotsky’s Antarctica is an unofficial submod.

An immersive alternative history scenario. A reworked map with new states and provinces. One new country One new focus tree. Penguins. Snow, lots of snow.

Tweaked focus tree. Maybe decisions or something. Better balance.

Bug ReportingBug reports should be made in the relevant Bug Report Thread:

The Antarctic Music ModYou can find the Antarctic music mod here:

Frequently Asked QuestionsIs this a joke, or is it a serious mod?

Your jokes aren’t funny.
Yeah, but I made this in my spare time and I had almost no one to bounce ideas off of. C’mon though, the “dude weed lol” part of the focus tree is gold.

Does this require the other Antarctica mod, the one made for vanilla?

How do I get the NatPop penguins to take over?
An event fires once you are below 25% stability. The easiest way to do that is go SocCon and ban alcohol.

Translation Sub-Submods Korean by Mannschaft K.G Russian by Sepera_okeq`73`

The Kaiserreich Team ChaosRobie The Kaiserreich Community

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